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My guest today does a lot for others. A big huge. Welcome to my friend, the incredibly talented Harry connick junior as I just mentioned. His talent is massive. His heart is even bigger. If Oh nice, thank you, so tell me about this trip that you took with your daughter. My sister was telling me that your daughter is a filmmaker yes. Oh, she! This is Georgia. She's the oldest of our three girls. She's twenty four and. And she studied filmmaking and has been really kind of making a name for herself in the in the business and We've worked together before, and we were sitting at home during Corinthian when it Kinda I started. I said Georgia. Let's Let's take a road trip and go. Thanks some essential everyday heroes for all the stuff. They're doing to help us out. People like sanitation workers. people who are on the boys and girls, clubs, truck drivers, grocery store clerks. You know, and just just go say. Thanks in and you can film it and we can put something together. And she said that sounds that sounds great so we rent an RV and CBS. Follow US around in filmed. It filmed her failing me, and we put a special together. call united. We sing a grammy tribute to the Unsung Heroes and it came out on CBS. Three weeks ago and now it's streaming on CBS all access and it was just an incredible opportunity for us to to thank and pay tribute to these amazing folks who keep our lives go every day. So how many of the connex went in the motor home? Was it just you and Georgia? Was that the whole family? Well if it were up to me, I would have brought everybody, but Jill wasn't able to go, neither were kate or Shahr was probably best because we were working so much like we ended up driving thirty five hundred miles in Georgia, when not filming was editing, so we weren't the the most social because we were really trying to get a lot of footage, so it probably worked out best, but it wasn't really like a like a vacation where everybody could come along, so you didn't get to. To stop all the roadside attractions didn't while they were probably closed anyway with covert that thing was close, but when we stopped like we would go, and we weren't staying in hotels because we were being really cautious about social distancing, so we would pull into these campground sites and you know we stayed in Tennessee Virginia in Alabama, and it was. It was just awesome. You know we got some are at night and then we pick up the next day and go you know and stop in. Harrisburg. Pennsylvania KOSCIUSKO MISSISSIPPI OR MEMPHIS wherever it so it. It was intense, but it was really really cool, okay. How many miles again did you put on the V? I'm taking your drive. While Georgia was editing. Yeah, we drove thirty five hundred miles. In total. What inspired you to do that like you know sitting around thinking about food, everybody getting sick, and what was going on because back when I hit, we were hearing. We were hearing the stories out of Wuhan. What made you think you know what we can? We can do some good we can. We can be a blessing. We can be an inspiration like how did that thought? Come up? I was getting tired of watching the news as I am now actually with with just. Just so much bad news and contradictory information. In fact, the song that I wrote that I'm promoting star still shine. The very first line is all this news is getting older. It really was and I'm thinking. You know we're seeing a lot of who we should see on the news, healthcare, workers, firemen, and women. M S you know police officers But we're not seeing a lot of the people who do a lot of the lot of the work that is going on. Who who really deserve some sort of recognition? And so that was that was the idea to just to go say thanks to him, and just to to you know look at them, and I mean I couldn't shake their hand or anything, but in the eyes, and say we see you and we love you, and we appreciate you, and then I had the idea of having celebrities zoom in, and I'd be hold on an. An IPAD and the Streetcar Operator, in new, Orleans you know would see sandy bullock, saying, thank you or the the trucker husband wife, couple who are putting themselves at risk every day to keep our supply chain going. Tim McGraw was on the IPAD and saying them song, so it was really it was just about. Let's do a news piece. That's you know real heavy. Let's let's just bring these folks some entertainment. And some joy and nothing nothing nothing nothing lifts your heart or your spirit as hearing. Thank you. Yeah I think I. Think you're right. I mean when I play a show or I do something and somebody comes up to me on the street and says you know. Thank you what you do that that that is well. You know what it's like I mean. You're giving people a respite from from all of this craziness I mean that's what you do for a living and. And Wha- What an honor. It is to be able to do what you love and actually have it. You know help someone, so man, it's it's a no brainer for for me to go out, and just you know. Look these people in the eye and tell them thank you so much and everyone of them, except maybe one two like why why you WanNa talk to us. Because you are the cleaning crew of the hospital at the University of Alabama, and you have husbands and wives and children, and you can't sit home in quarantine. You are giving me chills. The chicken skin. My kids call it when you get excited goosebumps, but it's true, and it's true now. It's true now and people are forgetting that okay. That was four months ago. It's true now. Well. It's worth now. It's far worse now. Yeah and so while all of this you know. Stuff is going on like that. That guy who collects the trash every day four o'clock in the morning. So why are you WanNa talk to me? Said because I'm asleep. When you come, you pick up trash. You're exposing yourself to this virus far more than I am you you can't you know? Take four months off work. You know and he has to come home and you know. Take extra precaution with his clothes and stuff I said. Do you think what you're doing? Heroic? He goes. Yeah, actually do, and it was you know I mean I love these people man, this is there's a lot of goodness out there. We just need to focus on that. So much goodness out there I'm so sick of the bad news. I'm so sick of the divisiveness. I'm so sick of what have the bitterness and the negativity when there's so much goodness out there, thank you. It was my honour really was. Harry, it is my absolute honor to be speaking with you. We are going to take a brief pause right now to share a message from some folks who make this podcast possible I am so excited to have my friend, Harry Connick Junior, joining us today Harry, tell me more about your beautiful daughter Georgia. You know to work with her. You know this was not you know like a pleasure trip? I mean she was really. You know burning the midnight oil trying to get these edits. To Cvs, she was working really really hard, and then she would go out and film. These people and she was listening to. You Know Asia the twenty something. Year old schoolteacher, who has a bunch of elementary school. Kids who don't have computers to do online learning and they don't have access to the Internet because they can't afford it to do online learning. So, what does she do? She go to their house every day and drives by with candy and throws it out the window and checks on them. I, mean.

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