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When was the last time? Let me ask you. This dot was last time. You went to a Lubbock county Republican party of Vince never. And I think a lot of people would sit on none. I I mean back in the past. I used to be actively involved and wanting to be actively involved in the Republican party. But. But it's not that. They just don't follow the same mindset and thoughts that you. And I share. And I think a lot of people, and that's why like at their annual within there's like seventy five people. Yeah. And there's no one finger to point there, though, I've got a couple of names in mind. But it's just what these political parties on the county levels have dwindled into is a national Lynn's on what's going on locally and people just don't jive with it. So guess what you got one Saturday a year in which you're gonna have your big annual event. And there's a reason why seventy five people show up on both sides. Right. Even though buying large the Republican party should have. I mean justed for the amount of people that vote Republican should should have several hundreds or thousands of people are actively involved in their local committee loss touch because they don't in. This is the point that I make is that did, you know of our top employers in Lubbock. Hold on. I'll pull this up. The majority are. Our government entities. In of that majority. I think some eighty two percent our government jobs now government, I say government. I mean, you MC I mean, Texas had. And the UC physicians network, but in that's not egg. By the way, that's non egg numbers that some seven or eight out of the top ten, and if you can't in this is my thing jas if let's say in another universe. Beddoe Aurore came into Lubbock and said you guys do a fantastic job with government. You've harnessed government. You make it work for you. People would say how so in all you have to answer three easy questions about how. So and we in Lubbock make government worked for us. There's no doubt about it in all these non like you started up eighty auto. How many nurses, how many teachers how many how many government employees have you had in call nurses? I don't mean to call nurses, government employees in. I think certainly every teacher goes to work everyday like every other professional, but how much of their paycheck is made up by Medicaid and Medicare in other government entities. Right. And I'm not meaning to put anybody's knows. I'm not I I don't mean to put anybody's nose in cal-, Patty. That's not the point. Because a lot of us here. A lot of us that are in business know-how Lubbock works. What makes it turn the KANU the knowledge that just mentioned and government does make Lubbock Lubbock never has a recession. No, I'm in the real estate business. Now, you're gonna radio show. Win win. Does Lubbock Windass Lubbock have downturn? It doesn't have a downturn. You know, why because of agriculture because a medical because of? Education. And if you don't recognize those facts, then you're blind. And if you're on the right, and you're like, well, we shouldn't have any government will shut Lubbock down the Morrow. If you're on the left anyone say, let's have overreaching government. Then that's not what makes Lubbock work love, it makes government work for it. And that's what you're the other side, Texas where you came up with that idea, right? From the beginning is to represent that new political party per se. Well, west Texas, crat Reese caught that two years ago. Remember? The west Texaco or the weather status Krant. Yeah. Yeah. For sure, hey, we're going to get into quick break getting more in with Jason white coming up doc white here on the program with us cliff Wilkes chiming in the text line doc white in the house. He is in the house in. Listen gonna get Ross Ramsey in after this quickey break six right with on the others. He is my Texas legislature political shrink he is Ross Ramsey. Glad to have them on the show with us now. Ross Ramsey how you doing buddy? I'm great, sir. How are you?.

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