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Steinem look into that future plan has your ours phillips are coming up soon thirty eight ten ten wins entertainment kim kardashian understands that among her one hundred eighty million social media followers there are going to be haters and she tells a forbes women summited absolutely effect sir she says i'm human just like everyone else definitely obviously at me everyone else that i hope he doesn't ethics and learn from what i've done so people are young girls at kids suggests someone works very hard focuses on really what i meet kardashian was one of the keynote at the annual summit in new york long island christian cardino covered the jackson five on last night's america's got talent what a story this kid a sixteen year old was blinded earth regained his side cardino with judge how we mandell making one which right now this second to make something come true for yourself what would you win this your wit and so borodino goes on to the live rounds fans who were still upset he walked away from his comedy central sketch shokhin concede dave chapelle at radio city tickets go on sale friday for ten nights gig in august with special guests each night including the roots chris rock trevor noah and has this for tease the show on the fifteenth is reserved for a very special guest now more than ever you need news you can trust sell lock it in 210.

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