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Field street heading into Sunnyvale and highway eighty east from past loss of road collisions reported it's backed up past climates driving forty with KLIF traffic on the five side bill Jackson I'm meteorologist Brad Martin we're gonna be partly cloudy breezy and increasingly warm and humid through the weekend spotty showers and storms mainly east of the Cedar Creek eighty nine today some clouds alone seventy four tonight winds out of the south fifteen to twenty the cloudy windy and the ninety for the high tomorrow more the same Sunday will have ninety one in Monday and Tuesday with highs in the lower nineties afternoon heat stress readings will be nearing one hundred early next week okay the neurologist Brad Martin right now seventy five degrees in fort worth it's a seventy six in Frisco and seventy five is mount Rushmore next on the list to be destroyed plus since it's Friday our movie guys gonna join us is there anything new to C. or page I'm Marty brown let's talk today at four point five cents at Sharman we heard you shouldn't talk about going to the bathroom in public so we decided to sing about it yeah one last forever German super mega roll six regular rolls in one enjoy the go with Charmin the master tech service air conditioning heating and plumbing repair make your health and safety their top priority right now master tech is giving the F. W. some.

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