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The bills over the judge 21 twelve the falcons topped the bears twenty three seven seen not a baseball will start in cleveland the indians wore in search of win number eighteen in a row tribe an orioles tied at one in the six aroused dry what yes number five one i was tom hamilton on indians radio the indians win their eighteen th in a row they beat the orioles three two two elsewhere american league angels five mariners three the a's beat the astros ten the to the yankees beat up on the rangers sixteen seven two four homers for aaron jiji you now as forty one it was the walls over the wins eleven fray raise for red sox one blue jays beat the tigers aid to to interleague vote white sox over the giants eight one jose your breyer which you all mines national a ten straight losses now for the dodgers rockies beat la eight or one the nationals clinched the al east they'd be philly's three two also the cardinals over the pirates several other yati are molina with a homeward five rbi it was a diamondbacks over the padres three two in eleven braves ted marlins eight the reds over the mets ten fire the brewers complete a sweep the cubs three one the cubs rallied the brewers in cardinals by two in the nl central avid tennis topseed rathi almodovar wins the u s open men's final beats number twentyeight seat kevin anderson in straight sets six three six three six four peter schwarts hi i'm jim nance of cbs sports we always have our game.

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