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Fourth Mariners lead the Texas Rangers won the nothing in hockey It's the first period kraken lead the Colorado avalanche Three to one The avalanche just picked up another one Mix of veterans and new energy make the Seattle storm a championship contender details from Bill Swartz Training camp at full swing for the storm featuring their all star guards and Olympians Brianna Stewart jewel Lloyd and Sue bird New to the roster rookie draft picks ELISA kunin and university of Connecticut point guard I vena Westbrook thrilled to be on the team with Yukon legends Yeah a little bit especially when they're all over the gym back at school And we hear about them coach references them Good and bad all the time But I mean they come back so we've talked to them My three years a day have been able to chop it up and stuff but it's crazy Honestly before I got here It's the storm against the LA sparks Saturday night first pre season game at climate pledge arena COVID-19 cases now a big concern for the Seattle Mariners baseball team Manager Scott service and coach Manny actor the latest with positive tests isolated from the club first base coach Christopher Ned grown now the acting manager Relief picture Paul seawall has joined catcher Luis Torrance and Wright Fielder Mitch hankering on the team's COVID-19 injured list And the Seattle sounders expect to have central defender Jaime back from his injury in time for Saturday night Sacramento against the earthquakes in San Jose Sports was swore to ten and 40 after the hour northwest news radio Hurry.

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