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Find any comparable superstar whose team never experienced the kind of success that New Orleans similarly has an experienced with Davis. So we're doing a podcast as everybody who's listening knows. But I'll just I'm going to do a little color here. A little seen Mike during that both rolled his eyes furrowed his brow. Now is like and that was like massaging his temple. It's going. Great over here. He's going to be fine. Guys. Some of the people that are on this list that cram found to make misery and company. Right. People are miserable than I company Pete Mara vici with the jazz Bernard king tiny Archibald and then Anthony Davis. Yeah. Yeah. And like Pete mayor vich with the jazz they were an expansion team. Tiny Archibald with the kings. They moved from Cincinnati to Omaha to Kansas City. Just in the time. He was there. So I guess the fact that New Orleans has stayed in New Orleans is a positive compared to those peers, but that probably isn't like that's a pretty low benchmark for getting maybe the best draft prospect since LeBron is just staying in the same city just to throw my hat into the misery ring. Alan Iverson is also on this list. Although I feel like that's kinda strange because I enjoyed watching him. They overachieved with that team that lost to the Lakers. I was fine with the Allen Iverson era. I don't think that you feel fine with the Anthony Davis era, though, I mean, like the Allen Iverson era that team was kind of built specifically to respond to him in a in a stranger. I mean like you had planned center like. Can be Matombo was traded for him. They they initially. Live right. They traded for Matombo. Also had Chris I mean. Like, it was just basically you had all the people that were there took just collect the ball. Recycle. It. Is that like they didn't have like a system that felt like it was clicking until like the second half of last last year when you went down and all of a sudden like nowhere felt like oh, they finally us. This is the thing that works like so in addition to and this is for both of your both on the podcast. But in addition to us saying like, okay, they never quite put a team around him. And it didn't quite make sense. Do we feel like like I love Anthony Davis and he fucking loads the box score every time. He plays right. Like, his stat lines are always on the charts. But do we feel like he was like what's his culpability on in terms of like him making his teammates better and him making that team better? I don't know. I feel like that question is always like super loaded. Sure, there should be in effect some sort of -bility for for a superstar that fails to you know, like bring his team up with him or whatever. But like that's extremely romantic way to think about it. Sure. This game. Here and there for for like regular, wear and tear shit. Right. I mean, I I don't know. I don't I don't know. What more I could ask for somebody? That was if you weren't looking was gonna put up a fifty point triple double. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's fair. Like how much more could you possibly ask him to do? And like why is it his fault? That has the doesn't translate to wins and losses Kramer, you on it. Well, I think if you just look at his pure like on or off court for like the last five seasons. The pelicans have been ten points per one hundred perceptions worse when Davis off the court. They've been just when he's on the court one of the best teams in the NBA, but they just completely crater every single season when he's off this season. Obviously being no exception. I think you're Alan Iverson point is a shrewd one because while I also didn't experience that much regular season success. He was also making plans, and he had that one like legendary step over moment. And that one playoff run that Sixers fans will remember where two decades pass at this point Anthony Davis the peak of his pelicans career if he ends up being traded is a first round win. And sure it's kind of not fair that he ran into the warriors both times he made the playoffs. He's second all time in points. The game in the playoffs..

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