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Play the game that they celebrate in national taco day. I'm not sure vodka. They these same time course. I recommend national tequila day instead of national vodka day bet. Hey, whatever you give us topics in advance. We question. Do you question this? You have no memory and then sooner Matt Moore and his his name puppy still doesn't know his name. It doesn't make sense to know his name until we show you this video and then say it's seven years old. But if that kind of memorable this video, it's going viral now because this guy can throw football. Here's more and that's the seventeen yard line. Thank you for the helpful ERO. Yes, good Lord that guys. This crazy right there. How is that possible? What is that? Did they jump a second football from the. Because I've never seen a ball or somebody that opened down the Bill by the way, I would leave him open to because I would say there's no chance of quarterback can get that eighty yards across the field. Bad. We don't have video of the ball dropping from the moon. His goal from the bills, they're looking for. That's right. They'll be trout this. This guy is Lauren football. He's a power lifter now, but you don't know that he's wrong even as lifter. It's gonna look better than what the bills are presently putting quarterback, so his arm might be stronger now. That's right. Do you question who had the best reaction to these? We go out to live streaming in Germany because if we didn't seem quite lazy enough with the video that was seven years old. Let's check in with some live streaming and Germany to see it. We could make some content than than that. This, this is a custom designed lingo. Oh, it was a custom designed Ligo. The head. I mean. That that is the perfect response from the Jomon on the left like you're holding Legos. I would assume if you're on some sort of podcast or some sort of video streaming about Legos, you know how fragile they are and you're flinging that thing around there like nothing. Actually, it's a terrible response and the guy who left I would've punch to the face. Wow, that's carrying Julie goes a little too much. Wait, where did that take place, Germany. Oh, Jerry money. That's what I saw on tricks..

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