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Well the Roughnecks of the N. L. L. Hey man I was the one that also told teams to get him in October are reportedly I mean you didn't hear that from him come on man quarterly this is the reason why the ravens are going to go in and try and destroy them all this like a work team were together were together in the gather here comes one boat race from the ravens just as upset the apple cart in a total total big way they want to do it they want to do it it's the last home game of the year for the Cleveland Browns there at Cincinnati next week could you imagine that's the way they roll out they need to find that reserve man and I got to finish five hundred sweep the ravens and finish five hundred and going in the offseason same that's our coach we are staying here this is our quarterback that we love miles Gary fee only didn't crown Mason would offer this helmet we might actually made the playoffs that's the way to go you want to stay and set not like losing to the ravens to go to six and nine and hope that you're you beat the bangles and go to beat the bangles in a game where you all's totally backed up the Finnish seventy nine losing record and you wonder whether this the right mix or not mark in Nebraska let's take his phone call great state in a Brzeska what's up rich my don Mattingly eskrima brothers long okay on by the way great fantasy team names don Mattingly brother Hey I got two quick things okay and to fix your tie it all together with the new man in the Schindler's list deep dive and I can pull it all together as well and you haven't seen the movie because but you would know this but no man in Jurassic Park in is the reason why it all the dinosaurs get out so rich Happy Birthday I missed a couple months ago and I'm late but we both turned fifty on the same in the same year so congratulations and keep up the good work but not a boy mark in Omaha as they say in the business rack him at at at at don Mattingly Eskimo brother is that better then Jerry Jones hand cramps by the way that would be great fantasy battle judge Landis little bit ago and grants concourse dad jokes special what we have on the poll questions because of that now you know one of the our three poll questions going to be to celebrate Steven Spielberg seventy third birthday seventy third birthday of Stephen okay bracket one black and one was Schindler's list close encounters Jurassic Park ET yes Isaac park thirty eight percent what finish second Schindler's list okay that is an advance they advance bracket to saving private Ryan fifty seven percent raiders of the Lost Ark twenty two percent very good are Mikey jaws.

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