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David SIMS. This is blank check with day. Great about photography director of massive successor on their careers and giving a series blank checks, make whatever crazy passion products they want. And sometimes those checks clear and sometimes they. They storm maybe. Okay. They freeze over. Get electrocuted. Huge triggering. Macer is on the films of angrily. It's called broke Bodman, Kim. Sure, rolls off the tongue or it's fun because our guests never know what the podcast is called. Yes, and this is my conditional favourite of his films. Yeah, it's up there for me. It is my favorite of his films that doesn't star a marvel superhero. Right? That just features textually. Yeah. It's called the ice storm. This is probably the second best. Fantastic for movie ever made had that. I was just going to say it was the best one. Incredible. I know you're not incredible. So. I like the incredible 's. Okay. It's just like the crazy the most Randy in of all of them. So I like that movie, fine. I mean, look at this point we dug into, we've we raked over these coals. We do 'em we came to no conclusions. Photography is confusing because he is a perplexing public figures a textual Gordian on. That's what are your Bank check bingos I'm trying to reestablish the terms. I want people to get big bingo scores. But this is the ice storm is nineteen Ninety-seven masterpiece. It's fantastic movie. It's a phenomenal film and represents an interesting point has career. Okay. I would argue go on. It's it's not a Dow's first American film really fully American. Yeah, right. It's also the first film he wanted to make after the father nece best trilogy. Oh, interesting. Got hired essentially, to make sense and sensibility. Yeah. So he had this one already cooking. Look, this movie opened some doors for him. He was able to make this movie because some doors that were opened by his previous work, but our guest on the show today, this movie was a big door opener for her. Smoothie changed my life man as movie fucking change. Your life played this movie with candles. Your life. I gave you set of headphones. Listened to the ice into the ice of just just the audio. You're sad, oboe some some, some mournful flutes. Hi guys, you know, that is it's the mother blankets for cell host of Nikoil Emily sheet as back in the studio. Hello. Thank you for having me back. I feel like I was just on but, but not really not in podcast time in real time, it's fifteen minutes since the last episode you record it. Yeah. But look at your Wikipedia about six months. Oh yeah. The guys, Wikipedia. This is like a relatively new discovery for me. You didn't create this. Neither did really no. Spent y'all your your spare time that you have. Greeting Wickham pedia about your own podcast. No, it's incredible. It's my first Wikipedia page and I'm aware page that I'm aware of base on it, but I want to. I don't wanna do something this petty, and yet I do want to have the picture replaced. Ooh. Do you have you want? Or is that a Steph photo that I just got from New York MAG? My my, my place of employees and I, I feel like it would be a more appropriate picture to have on. 'cause I look great podcast ready and the picture. Whereas that one I'm like on vacation in Berlin, and I look really chill, and that's like not my pocket. So it's more that the new picture is so app for the entry rather than the old picture is like, I have like there's your own. All the time that I hate. It was a Twitter, avatar, Twitter, Twitter, avatar. I've been meaning to change it for a long time because my hair hasn't looked like that for over a year. But yeah, whatever. It's fine also this, some of our guests on the show have said that their Wicky entries for the blank check with yard better than their own professional like bio. It's love to love to know what that's like. Add love to have my. Oh, you mean like a.

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