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They seize news talk seven sixty WJR Detroit. Thirty three degrees at six o'clock. Good evening, everyone. I'm Marie Osborne. French prosecutors have opened a terror investigation into a shooting at Christmas market in the city of Strasbourg. Correspondent Ben Wedeman says a gunman accused of killing at least two people and wounding several others fled after the shooting identified by BFM FM is at twenty nine year old local has fled the scene. So the situation is still ongoing. Apparently, he's he's gone south to a neighborhood just below the center of the city. The police have called on people to stay inside. And to stay away from the center of town after squabbling about funding for a border wall in front of cameras. President Trump now says the private part of the meeting with the democrat. Fats was actually quite friendly at a Bill signing ceremony. The president told reporters he would still take responsibility for a government shutdown if the two sides cannot agree because the country he says needs border security. We want strong borders. We want people coming into our country legally through a process, we want people that are going to love and help our country. And I don't think they feel the same way. Or maybe they just don't want us to get a vote. You know could be that. Because it's hard to believe that they don't want some form of protection more problems at canton's Norwood Wood Memorial park cemetery. The facility now has had its cemetery and crematory registrations suspended by the Michigan department of licensing and regulatory affairs after an ongoing investigation found that the cemetery is allegedly improperly storing remains of more than three hundred infants and fetuses in multiple Crips. A forty six year old Sterling Heights man has been charged in the shooting death of a transgender woman from Detroit police found the body of thirty six year old Kelly str- straw on east mcnichols at brush on December seventh Albert weathers was arraigned on open murder and the use of a firearm arm in the commission of a felony his bond set at a million dollars CTI foods recalling about twenty nine thousand pounds of Jimmy dean, sausage links due to possible medic. Metal contamination. The recalled products have the number E S T one nine zero eight five on them. First lady, the former first lady Michelle Obama reminds a group of male students at Wayne State university that they can let go of fear. You're going to be transitioning law. You're gonna movement. Opportunities that may take you. And you don't hate him because of fear. Not. That's. Mrs Obama.

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