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The other host the good news. PODCAST is your source for Good News Fun Stories Auditory Delight and Sonic Joy. We're bringing you all of this goodness from beautiful downtown Chicago Colleen. Yeah recently. We talked about a young person. Santana no not center remember that Lorant who graduated college at like nine. Yeah don't remind me this. This came across my desk and I thought it was super interesting. I'd like to tell you about a data Perez. Is this another genius. Another child Genius Adare. I should just give up lives in Mexico City and she has is an IQ of one sixty two which doesn't necessarily mean much. But I will say now. That means a lot. Well I mean it's hard to quantify so so I'll give you some examples. I know my cue and it is not that I'm not GonNa say I think I know I know my cue from when I was a kid it does it Q. Q.. I think it's gotta change a little bit on listeners. Definitely dumber than I was Albert Einstein Stephen Hawking both had an Iq of about one sixty oh so adare kind of crushing it. Let's give her a problem to solve. Camara has written a book. I can think of a few roughly translated from the Spanish to do not give up. She was recently featured heard in Forbes. Mexico's one hundred. Most powerful women in Mexico. I believe it I mean you. Can I q one sixty. Yeah you got some you've got some clout adare has not yet finished college so she is not the youngest college graduate but she. She's eight eight years old. She has finished elementary school at five. Ask Middle School at six. Oh took her one year high school at Eight. She is currently studying too online degrees industrial engineering in mathematics and system engineering -neering so she wants to go to the University of Arizona study astrophysics in the near future. which would mean like when she's nine what I think? Here's what I think should happen. I think she needs to hook up with Greta thundered. Yes and they seem to work on solving the problems of our planet put. Put that mind over there but the mind over there but that mind put that energy with that big brain energy into fixing Dr that big old brain. I'M GONNA keep an eye out for smart kids just so we can build them up. Give him a little bit of applause. I'm sure they're doing okay for applause I I hope their parents are like. You're very very smart very smart but we at the good news. pod guests also have a ton of respect for young geniuses of course. Oh yeah ah baby genius. I Q tire you Atika thank you. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news. Incredible or maybe. WanNa tell us a.

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