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Only one year. We'll give them to about anything. I will I will today. It'll be interesting if we figured anything out date goes on. But you know, and how he's interview this morning. Vince did say that there's a couple names that reached out. I was posed yesterday last night after right after this happened with Jeff that by by agent. He said, you know, and he's more familiar with coaching searches and that kind of stuff, and he goes, look, I'm telling you what's going to happen. Is it in the next twenty four to forty eight hours event is going to get a couple of calls that he didn't think he would get because people thought Jeff was going to take the job morning that he had a couple names people reach out last night. So it'll be interesting to see if those are any guys that that jumped onto the border. So it's possible. There's somebody out there. We haven't even thought of yet that's expressed interest any speculation of who that could be Jodi. Yeah. No. I do not yet. I mean, I don't I don't know. And he's kind of kept it close to that. We haven't heard really anything, and he made mention that you know, he's trying to do in his background work to see do. They really need to be on the list of of four or five top candidates that he has or not. I'm not sure yet that he even kind of has on his on his top list. It'll be it's to be interesting. And I think I think by the middle to the end of next week the thing about it is if Satterfield is the guy which I like, I said, I don't know that he's the guy, but he's the front runner right now. He plays Saturday at noon. His team does they play in the sun belt championship against Louisiana Lafayette. So if he is the guy you're gonna have to wait until probably after the weekend anyway asked Sunday or Monday. All right, listen. Hey Jodie your pound for pound. You have more insight than just about anybody. So we appreciate you. All right. Thanks, the problem with that lane kiffin thing or that theory is he had secondary violations. Second. Yeah. Then he said, Tennessee campus. That's not what Louisville need. It's the he's he comes with the same baggage. Well, not the same. But similar baggage to portray no came with. But again, I didn't take my friend serious when he texted me on eleven fourteen. So I just threw it out there because I I don't think he's really I I don't think that lane kiffin is the right fit for for low of wide. All I think Louisville needs a straight arrow. And I think probably the most profound thing that Jodi Deming said in that segment was that they're looking for a disciplinarian in that lines up with with Satterfield. Now, again, these other people that call then expressed interest through agents, or whatever who knows who those names are and that could that could cause you can have a surprise out there where somebody's like actually willing to leave someplace come here. I don't know. But that was I think, you know, I kind of just clicked with me because I think that's what the schools look at where I think they got a guy with great, integrity and MAC, and I think trying to put those two things together because having the whole Patino situation and portray no situation all sort of exploding along with what was going on with the foundation and all that all exploding at the same time Louisville needed a clean slate. Wipe and you know, this this is kind of another one of those dominoes. Anyway. We'll we'll get to more of that..

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