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Home and on the way home get rest. Like people don't understand that visibility does not mean safety for women in transpeople, and then something I really have been pushing at when I'm like, go ahead. What actual safety and worth looks like is so much bigger than visibility at looks like decision making power in looks like money. It would take any source says, it looks like networks. It's so much bigger and much of the way a Turkey words is that man will give us this ability. They won't give us infrastructure. And I think that what I started to really think you're in my life. I was like, you know what? I'm gonna be honest about these dynamics because I've seen so many other mentors that I look up to you not the honest and then have mental health breakdowns late into their career, whether like, oh, wait, no one really knows what I'm going through or. No. I mean, I think about like every time that there's a new case of the celebrity twit suicide or or a popularized drug addiction, people are like, oh, this aside been like, look, how you've been taught to treat keep goal. You reduce people. All in Jiu ideas. Anoc Kibo you make them only matter and so much. They're inspiring. You not when they're struggling. I don't want that. And so I'm very up front are my social media, and at my shows I'm struggling to and I'm a complex person to their good days in there about is their joyous days in their heart days. And if you really love me, then you have to love all this meat, not just the parts that inspire you. What are you shuttling with right now means so many things while. I'm really struggling with, which is very painful. If lack of acceptance for my own community, which is something I haven't really spoken about that much. I think that when you're an oppressed group, you try to underplay the internal dynamics to have a strong unified fraught. So we often say like, you know, oh, translates matter like this is amazing, but we never actually unpacked the higher keys within the trans community. And I think what's really important to understand is like I'm one of the few public facing transpeople with the platform that I have access to who has chosen not to be on hormones, and that was a personal decision for me because I felt like who I was was consistent with what I want it. And I didn't feel like I should have to take a month in order of people believe why Ardy was. But then what I often experience within my own community, it's trans people saying you're not really frowns, or you would be really transitioned pursued medical transition. And I understand where that comes from a comes from their own feelings, invalidation from people telling them they're not real. That I think part of what I've also been coming into myself is like I am not repository for other people's chain. I'm not a placeholder for other people's insight. I can empathize that does not mean I have a hold and there's a difference between empathizing whole day. I can sit and bear witness and say, I'm so sorry that these things are happening to, but that does not give permission to take that on me. He's at hurts. And so I think I've really been struggling with the pain of being hurt by your own, you know, because I feel like it's so easy these days to say, you know, it's like it's white man were doing all that. We don't have the more difficult conversations. Like what happens in the experience from other women or other transient or other people. Clearly, you don't have that language to be like, what happens in experience from France, notches like romantic are..

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