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Reality in their heads. It's not like. I'm not sure what this is going to look like. It's it's a three d. vision that they have and they totally get it in. That's fascinating to watch too that they know what everything's gonna look like and how it's gonna turn out. Isn't that amazing. It's so amazing. And i'm and i'm sure it's you know so frustrating for them when they're trying to explain to a client like 'cause they're inside the room they can see they can see it fully formed not as just swatches somewhere. Well it's interesting it's interesting to don't you think that in many cases that's kind of how the artist views it renders it in their own head like they will. They will see a canvas and they will see what they want to be on that candidates. They'll visualize it in actually have the skill and talent to go make that a reality you know. I can't even fathom the artistry creativity that then talent. That goes into being able to do that. But i agree with you wholeheartedly. That's what some of the best designers are capable of doing. It's amazing it's really amazing. So helping them realize those visions and the knowing that it's all going to live in this. One house is on so rewarding of as well as being immensely challenging. Because you know they're designing designers. We have our such great talents. I wanna make them happy to you know you know. I want them to stay excited about this project. And have have the freedom and the creative ability to Make rooms that inspire people. The moment they walk in everyone you know wants to steal the show at their room So i love that too. I loved it. There's there's always there has to be at least a little competition. I love that okay. So when this episode airs We will be if not right on. It will be very close to the opening of design house. So when when will it open. How long will will it be open. And then How many pages are you dedicating to this. Which issue will it be an. I have so many questions who okay let me see if i can remember them all an answer them. In order the show house will open on august sixth with a vip event and then open to the public on august savon and then run through september. Six which is labor day so great time to be out in the hamptons. Great time to check out the house so that they're nice long month and you know in august with when it's in the thick of things out there and also for us you know we're very optimistic about people being able to visit this house in a way that feels safe and In line with where. We'll be with Fighting this disease. So that's one thing..

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