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The leadership has been lacking a little bit at least in the public either. Yeah while i'm gone by the way. Football podcast tuesday right. You football coaches wednesday ryan. You're going to be there with them. They're doing it at the facility. they're inviting you. Will you do me a favor. Will you not wear that. My douglas football shopping. Just wear something like when you go to do the football coaching. So you don't need to show your toes sandal season. Thank you killing great. But i just feel like you can vacation. I feel like you could wear shoes when you go to the uk. Football thursday is the sources say basketball. Podcast friday is leeann haley monday. Is tom hart monday. The twelfth tuesday is myron metcalf and billy. Billy's debut wednesday is matthew mitchell. Got me good to hear from matthew mitchell. Isn't it very excited. I mean he got back to me immediately when i reached out to him doing the show. I think people are going to be really interested in how he's doing and all that thursday is pardon. My take and then. Friday is richie farmer and buck stivers. Maybe the most listens to show. We ever have richie farmer at buxton. We're you think you think richie and buck or outdraw. Pardon my take on my. I don't know about that. We live national listeners. On the part of my take day but rodney ryan. We're trying to pick which you know people were going to sit in with and we're already fighting over. Who gets richie and bucknell. You're both there. Okay i need both of you. Because i don't want buck. They can't be like when we were in clay county. He started talking about the the contests. And all that yeah. We can't. we can't have that on this radio. Show we gotta get crank this crank both of them up and let them go rick. I don't know if you're here that day but if you are be ready for the dump button okay. We'll do thank you. Thank you one. Eighty text machine seven. Seventy four five five four. We'll be right back. Thanks for listening to kentucky sports radio on talk radio ten eighty quarterback sports radio five seven one today beautiful day now sons out come on ads case bar and grill..

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