George Springer, Darren, MLB discussed on Against All Odds with Cousin Sal - Dog Days of Summer Betting (Ep. 9)


Um there's a lot of weird stuff here you could bet a playeragainstplayer who have more votes but it seems like it's george springer minusthree thirty over michael brantley carlos correa minus four under over francis golan door but um here's my question our our people voting for the all star game they voting for all darren you you coach do you teach do you hear about kids on their phones vow yet bad if they cooperate question thank you i got him five pit i've got five k i i'm around kid all day long right i have not heard one kit mention anything about vote fertile of bar gave uh and yet it's so much easier than the way we staff the votes so much easier at you'd have to go to the stadium get the ballot right yeah if fill it out if it drop it in a box think that's what i remember at least that's who some someone would have to go the stadium and bring bring on balance feel and if your parents were in a good mood had asking to leave the stamping you'd mallett in yeah sao my kids a baseball fan right baseball fan i don't think like anything else now let's face it though all these allstar games whether whatever's what you're talking about are insignificant nobody cares uh we've we've boast three days in july uh other worst sports days of the year right right so nobody really cares by now my kids know as baron judges in the home run any contests they're gonna care a little bit wreck i watch that they'll get into it the mlb needs erin judge in that home hitting contest the goal against than they need that for this.

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