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The twenty twenty on Mike Clifford in a surprising setback for abortion opponents, Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana Law Monday that would have restricted access to abortion in the state are Diane Bernard reports. The measure was nearly identical to one. The court overturned in Texas back at twenty sixty. The ruling is a defeat for antiabortion evangelical, many of whom form an essential part of President Donald Trump's base, according to Matthew Anderson and evangelical researcher at Dillard University. He says trump's strategy of appointing conservative justices who? Who Appeal to evangelical 's is being called into question, a lot of chatter among conservative evangelicals over whether or not the strategy of voting for trump in order to get Supreme Court justices to get decisions that we think would be right in just the right strategy whether or not the cost of being associated with trump has been worth it in the twenty sixteen case, Texas officials said requirements admitting privileges for abortion providers were meant to protect women's health and ensure doctors are qualified, but the Supreme Court overturned that saying evidence showed that the. Shutdown about half the abortion clinics in Texas with no proof. They better protected women's health. Anderson says White. Evangelical Christian support for trump has been slipping since the president's appearance at the march for life rally in January. He thinks trump's handling of the COVID, nineteen crisis and recent Supreme Court rulings have damping conservative Christian backing to the point where it might be worth sitting out the November election. Election things really unraveled for trump in the last three or four months, and I think that makes the case for staying home stronger meantime, Supreme Court's rejection of a challenge to a new federal death-penalty protocol is a win the trump administration if paves the way for the federal government to resume executions next month for the first time in two decades, the justices refused to hear an appeal. Appeal for four inmates who were convicted of killing children, according to anti-death penalty organizer Abe Bonowitz as a person who used to support the death penalty, I tried to prove that the system working and trying to prove that it works. I found out and prove to myself that we have a public policy that is a failing us on moral, economic, social and legal droughts, justice, Ginsburg and Sotomayor. Sotomayor noted they would have blocked the execution going forward and the White House. We've eight house. Republicans on intelligence that Russia offered bounties to Afghan militants who targeted US troops for assassination dot, according to trump administration officials as well as congressional sources. The report comes from Political House Majority leader steady. Hoyer is expected to bring a group of Democrats for briefing early this morning. This is pianists. Union workers say it's time for the Congress to support private sector workers and pass a hero Zach Eric Take it off. It's. Three trillion dollar corona virus stimulus legislation passed in the house in May and would provide eight hundred seventy five billion dollars to state and local governments which have been hit hard by Covid nineteen. Charisma Han is executive vice president of the communication workers of America local and Seattle and works at at&T mobility, and with everybody depending on public sector workers. We can't turn our back on them. We need to have everyone come together because the communicate. Communicate going to suffer if the workers aren't providing their job services other unions including the American Federation of State. County and municipal employees and American Federation of Teachers also calling on the Senate to pass the Heroes Act legislative specialists with the communication workers of America Elena Lopez says the bill has other benefits including strengthening occupational safety and health, administration work standards. She says Osha has only issued voluntary guidelines for protecting workers during this pandemic greater. Greater protections could keep employers creating unsafe workplaces ensured protection so that if workers don't feel comfortable going to work that, they can report their employer and not be fired for doing so the Heroes Act also includes hazard pay for frontline workers and extended paid sick leave and unemployment benefits. One of Wisconsin's largest school districts decided to stop having police officers stationed inside school buildings Bianca Gomez, with group Freedom Inc, which has been advocating for such A. A move. We know when our children are misbehaving. Are doing things that kids do right. They're not seen as children. They're seen as criminals and having a police officer in the school whose job it is to find and seek out criminals. They're gonNA. Automatically target Black Children Finally Arrives Brown tells US pandemic may have pushed the pleading of the twenty-three cents this off your to do list, but it's well known a limited responsible severely impact. Kids and families in states like. Melanie Sanchez Hernandez graduated from the University of Nevada Reno in May, but before covid nineteen structure was part of a campaign there to increase awareness of the census. She says it was important to her. That college students and Latino families with children, and it's critical function. People are very skeptical about whether this money is actually gonNA come back around or not, and it really will. You will see programs around your community circuit funded better. You will see roads being paid like it really does. Come back to you. Impact your community. Nevada has reached sixty percents response rate milestone, just shy of twenty ten final census response.

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