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It guided everything. And I met my husband because of that dog at the dog park when I wasn't. I graduated from college and I had a really good job. I'd worked my way up from sales associate to store manager. I was the youngest store manager Twenty-one running a three million dollar store for company called city sports that used to exist. I love that. I'm sad. They're gone and I had an identity, you know a career identity crisis at twenty three. There were also PSU also graduated from graduated from Boston University. So it wasn't like he went to like the community college and got a quarter of an associate's degree. Let's just get out of the way to please go ahead. Well, I went in bio premed. I didn't come out a doctor. So. But I think I came out something better you know instead. Of you know I went to the animal round instead of the people route but yeah so I had this ripe young. Age identity your. Career identity. Crisis and I bought myself the puppy, with that you know investment in my future money. Which I did and I was going to the dog park. Like every hour wasn't at work I was at this it was a defacto dog park to is just. As beautiful rolling pass through this open field sprawling a couple. Of, towns near me and I. Ended up meeting my husband there It's really amazing it's really yeah Did. You remove the life she is. She does not know this story. That's a story. For another, day I need to hear that over drinks me. So yeah, that dog was just it I I was walking I had a. Very stable job with benefits. I mean it was a very good job and. I met this elderly woman she was probably sixty, five plus she was surrounded. By a bunch of dogs I, would say, upwards of seven or eight dogs and. They're all following, her and it was, like she was you know. Mary Poppins of the? Dogs walking, along and I said he Carol. Do you, you pay, rent first off what are you doing she said I'm. Fucking people's charge for them I. Said excuse me household where it. Was my job to walk? The dog I didn't. Get paid for it I didn't get allowance for that. Was you own a. Dog you walk, the, dog, she's like people go to work in a very, busy I walked their dogs I was like okay. Well you live in a pretty affluent town in Boston. Which has, some, of the, highest, cost. Of living so you're paying rent during this little. This little thing she said? Yeah she. Said oh yeah and that was. The seed planted two thousand three Early two thousand three Really I mean as far as the, pet industry is concerned that was, really. Early very early yes and so she there was not what I would call the professionalism were professionalization of the. Pet industry back then but I read myself off to borders books and. Bought all two books I could find. That existed on pet sitting in one was patting, me rans sending appropriate and I wrote up kind of. This pseudo business plan it was just kind of an idea and I had to convince my then boyfriend who. Was from Northern Ireland. He was visiting sister she sent him to the dog park. To walk her dogs the same time. I was walking mine it, was technically a setup So I don't I told him the idea. Thought I was not because in Ireland. You open your door and you go to work in your dog to work it runs off leash around. The town scavenges it comes home tired you come on tired life is great right so my husband thought I. Was crazy plus the. Dogs in Ireland's I'm JC down the sidewalk so it was. Like he couldn't believe what I was. Imagining he couldn't believe it He will he had no I mean is there's no Representative there's memory mind or. Nothing he, can relate to around that I mean that's of course you baffled map yeah so anyways I said, I promised I said look just give me six. Months give me six months he had come back over? From Ireland he his visa expired I went and visited him. We came back together and he was promised work as a carpenter but that. Carpenter fell off a ladder and, shattered his pelvis and had didn't have worked for him though I said I've got work for..

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