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Bigger bolt here's where he's going to roleplay your alan pardew even more injured who is but admitted are you starting storage this weekend against southampton if your answer is yes who were you benching rodriguez or rondo if you don't know is anybody answering yes uh i i just wanna rule player with vehicle or as alan parore or role no play in general are actually not at all okay diego hasn't well we know a whole lot more the skid there's a we will c'mon length would you would not venture under all right here's i draw dog just so do have to list now you gotta do now you too a big the same way with premier league clubs do you guys predict to finish top four to amtrak up i would say go to do that that we've we've answer this month city manchester united liverpool i did see chelsea the style of the season off i'm going to change it dispose because crank counties but he's like someone quickies dragging them though sweetened go away so good thing we we asked the question because of change on chile yes can we think hold on music thank you here's up that you at a topfour force city that united chelsea liverpool dhaka i'm gonna stick rv mired preseason prediction the united shows spruce rides i mean that's the way i are you okay i saw the next question all right go ahead has want me to do with us struggle and up in extratime as it is when they don't feed me these ridiculous question.

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