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For p chew showed a few things of for for pokomo amman i think at that time they were still promoing goldens not over whatever all right here's here's a few teasers what you're going to be having coming up for you guys soon but this year we're going to we're going to try to do that and more now there are a few things that they're saying you know what we still want to go back and i think that seems to be an attendee i won't say their main stay at the moment but it says to be working extremely well for them with them having ports come over from different different councils including things like the we you which was we'll get to that in a moment things like coming from their own counsels also things that are coming from previous consoles like xbox we six ps threes things like that so you had like sky room they're talking about doing more wind again then we also have ports dome which you got something else that you got as well there was a port from some miles right i got sonic mania mania so they're ports are doing well for us so we have to continue on that theme and you know give the people what they want and what they thoroughly enjoy grissom give you a little still right here what is this what game this is from it's not under tail is good good so yes it got under till finally coming to the switch which everybody is very excited to get their hands on and we got something i think gertz might be double dipping again because you seem to be doing a lot the boy here is coming to the switch was a big surprise why just i was not expecting it at all and the fact that it's coming out so quick it's the word surprise being you.

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