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Today on deck, we have for your reviewing pleasure thirty seconds to Mars than new album America. And we have no name. Her albums called room twenty-five. And Hosie with hopeless fountain kingdom. So let's get to it. So we'll start off with thirty seconds to Mars. Let me read. Let me read you guys a brief snippet of who they are. For those of you who don't know. So thirty seconds to Mars started in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight, California as collaboration between brothers, Jared, Lee toe and Shannon Lito who had been playing music together since their childhood. The dual later expanded to a four piece when they add a Qatari Solan Bixler and basis watched her or water. To the lineup, just Nova tars Kevin Drake who first addition for the position that bassist also joined the band toy musician. The band played his first concert on the different under different names before finally settling on the name thirty seconds to Mars, which was taken from a rare manuscript tattle ARGUS. Apocrypha cts gently described the name as a reference, a rough translation from the book. I think the idea is interesting. It's a metaphor for the future. He explained thirty seconds to Mars. The fact that was so close to something that's not a tangible idea also Mars being the God of war, which it is makes it really interesting as well. You could substitute that in there, but what's important for my brother and is that it'd be imaginative and really represent the sound of music and as unique away as possible. He described it as a name that works on several different levels. A phrase that has lyrical suggestive cinematic and filled with immediacy when thirty seconds to Mars. I started Gerald, did not allow his vocation as a Hollywood actor to be used and most of the band, yes, folks gently though as a Hollywood actor, he's an Academy Award winning actor from Dallas buyers club. I believe he also played the joker and suicide squad. He's been around for a while and he's in the newest player NFL player in twenty forty nine. It's called. He's in that as well by nineteen ninety eight. The group of form gigs at small American venues and clubs upon a mistake. You album had been in the works for couple of years with lethal writing. The jury of the songs during this period, the band record a demo tracks such as Hala revolution or Jupiter and hero, which later appeared on the band's debut album is fallen and years zero respectively. But also Buddha for Mary. Their work led to a number of record labels be. Interested in signing their seconds to Mars, which eventually signed to mortal records in ninety nine nine virgin records into the contract ego. So that's a brief background on them. So yes, to new alums caught America and it's got different cover art. It's different colors. The one that I tagged for this took for this review. 'cause y'all covers thirty seconds to Mars vertically to the left, like with the cross on top of it looks like and might be across where sort..

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