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For for me for you for me. I was not gonna want to get caught. The woman across that fuckin daunting just target. I think. Come out of my mind because I can get enough. Only one that are given what's on. Welcome back. Everybody. Jason and Alexis in the morning on my talk 1071 Wednesday morning. Glad you're here. I'm at the Landry from five eyewitness news filling in for Jason's on vacation. Alexis is here, kiddies in the house robs in for Don. Today. Good morning once again and Elaine and Alexis, you know, um, I'm concerned about Halloween. Ha is theme parks, costumes. Candy makers the the same way Because did you know Halloween is second to Christmas in terms of spending. I didn't. I didn't realize that it was number one, actually. Really? Yeah, I know some real Halloween. Oh, yeah? Yeah, no thie us. We spend about $8.8 billion. That was just last year alone. That's a lot of fake cobwebs. It is, yes. And so you know, naturally, of course, their theme park Shin Valley scare and haunted hayrides and different things. You can They do it in the candy companies. I mean, all right. I mean, that's huge costumes, of course, and yet there Not looking forward to let less than three months away. Here we are. It's probably going to be cancelled. Yeah, I mean, just the logistics of the whole thing. I mean, I know you could probably incorporate a facemask into your costume. However. You're still touching the dingy doorbell that every other kid has touched. And I mean it. Just it. How did a little How do you How do you do it? You can't do it in a clean way. A safe way. No, you keep is not enough hand sanitizer in the world to make that no and especially well. I hate to change the subject and hijack things. But now that we brought it up, I'm really wondering about the Halloween tradition at Thea on Hill. Alexis House what goes on there? Are you both big fans? There is one of you a big fan of hands out the candy. What's going to happen with Zen this year? Do you fight over the candy? No, no fighting over the candy, Which is good. I've now by king size because, remember the year I decided that I was gonna opt out of Halloween. Matt. One year I decided, you know, Actually, we just weren't prepared. I had no candy. So the rule is you Turn your porch light's off, right that I'm not playing this year. No light means. No, no ringing me, right? Right. You go to the basement. Yeah, you have it out, and that's exactly that's doing that tactic. So I had all the lights off in the house. I was down the basement watching TV, so there's a little glow. And all of a sudden I hear a knocking on thesis, lighting door. Know what snow like around back? Oh, yeah, that's aggressive. Whoa! Alongside yet, which that means he had to Walk upon the deck and start knocking on the screen door, and I was like, Oh, no. Oh, no. I just wanted to just like just like Meld right into my couch at that point, so I just ignored it. I ignored it. But also the knocking. Got more aggressive and thiss Little kid starts screaming. I see you in there. Oh, no, no, You're in there. Whoa, whoa! That's it. Then. I thought Do I have any cash? Can I give this guy? What do I have? I'd be looking for a can of mace you need. Where is that child's mama? Where is Mama or Daddy? I don't like just once of Campbell's soup. I mean, I got some cream of mushroom, you know, hit the road. That happens, I that happened to me as a kid. So I was trick or treat. I have a clear like funny memories from your past will like be. Some of them will just be crystal clear. Randomly. I have this crystal clear memory of Competent a bit to go trick or treating, and I just goingto started hitting houses and one of the neighbors, houses I, You know, the light was on Yeah, and I rang the bell and I will trigger tree that was all happy. Hold out my pillow case. You know, we weren't fans that we did not have the pumpkins. We use pillow cases and plus you can hold more, and I held it out and she she looked. She answered the door and I saw even as a child. I process what was happening, her face melt and the realization that it was Halloween. Set in in that moment, I was the very first I alerted this nice neighborly woman that it was Halloween and she was like she was mortified. Of course, Dutch, you forgot When the light was accidentally left on or something, And so she ran to the kitchen. I don't know. I don't remember what she gave me. But she gave me some kind of pantry food items, and I was like Semak and I was like, Thank you by like united and Carol's a kid. Whatever. And I'm sure the house that gives out food. My parents were going through the You know, when you bring home they look through and everything and I'm sure they were looking at it going. What was that? What is this? Yeah, I have a very clear memory of that woman's face. Now I get it. King size were ready to go. But yeah, without we don't get a lot of trick or treaters, but I'm ready. We have a little costume for Zen. But And we used to go to a lot of Halloween parties. And, yeah, none of that will happen this year. So are you big decorators like you have, like, big, like cauldron, which blow up things for your front yard and know No, but I used to do Some decorating inside, you know, but, yeah, I mean, I have a friend. I cluster right now. I have a friend. I don't know if he's listening, but don't talk to him in a little bit. But Nate, he's he goes crazy for Halloween. And that you know he loves loves it and that we love the cost. Once you have bins of costumes. We even went to a party once. That wasn't actually even a costume party. We thought it was, but it was way before you showed up and you were like this was still in there, But we were the bride of Frankenstein and everyone else is looking at you like a goof. It's speaking of goof. It's actually worse. So she just got a new home and it was a health warning party. But it was like October like the end of act over Esso on hell comes you. He's six feet tall. He comes as goofy, you know. Yes, his giant hat on, so he's like, 8.5 feet tall and I come as a timber wolf, and we're dressed up as these dogs and you know, it's so funny because we we park And I see another person go into the into the party and I go. What losers. They don't. Why don't they have a costume on? We're gonna totally win this costume contests and you're first in the right way to read something. Just dio. Did you see him? Would you only find in your way and we? Yeah, I walked it with like such swag. I was like, so good where the pound puppies. Amazing and we my worst I I rang the doorbell, and then I looked up and she has, like, you know, a window above the door. I don't know what that's technically called, but it looks into like the second floor of her house was kind of an open floor plan. And I look up in there and I'm going. Oh, wait a second. They're eating diet already rang the doorbell and her daughter answers the door scared her. She wouldn't even look at us for the entire night. Oh, stayed. Well, of course you want to get the meal. You know she wanted the food so hard at that point. It's just what we do. And we had no change of clothes on house is just one big costume that you zip up from, like beasts of the tapas butt crack all the way up past his hairline. You know, because it's like this huge thing that needed to have some stability. So that's the zipper helped with that. Yeah, guys, That was so Yeah, I guess we are into Halloween. Actually, in hindsight, Yeah, I think maybe we Yeah, even when you shouldn't be. I'm crying and And my belly muscles hurt from O man. Oh, that is an image. That is an image. I'm going to carry with me all throughout the day and let's put a smile on my face. I think I could see you being into Halloween. No matter that super No, not much, But I can I guess in the spirit of things, But what about your roommate? Does she Well, she works until six o'clock. So some days some years I have to take over and do it And she gets really disappointed because I won't hand out like 23 pieces to each kid. I hold out the supply of candy and they take it. Take it. Come on, go on. You need more.

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