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Mean jameis winston to me is a guy that at this point should be labeled a predator i hate to say it but this is a dangerous guy he's a person that you would never leave alone in a room with your sister your daughter your spouse because you don't know what this guy's capable of doing there's too much history now that you're absolutely correct for him to say this is uncharacteristic of is utterly insane and then he of course he says i've i've caught alcohol out of my life and that's good but you know what i spent five years in college rodney and i've had some nights where alcohol was involved in it never may be feel like i need to go grab a woman's crotch without her approval and to me to blame it on alcohols also week i think for jameis winston it's a case where maybe he believes he's privileged because he is a quarterback in the nfl was a star quarterback in college and maybe feels the rules don't apply to him but the fact is the nfl continues to naval james winston the tampa bay buccaneers continued to enable jameis winston their response was reduced to say the least roddy were disappointed in james what do you mean disappointed he's the face of your franchise who's a sexual predator and all you're gonna tell me as you're disappointed base safe with him in their community think about yeah unbelievable dan and that's a great point because i'll tell you this if it would have happened to one of the owner's daughters or nieces or something like that i guarantee you he would have been he would have been released and they i mean they have a responsibility to step up and suspend him as well i mean even just because the nfl's suspended him for three games doesn't mean that you as an organization can't come back and say hey we're going to either suspend you for seven eight games or another three games or we're gonna flat out cut you i believe that they should cut them i just i just believe you should cut them send a message to your locker room to the nfl community to people around kids and young people around the world you cannot do things like that you cannot disrespect a woman and expect to play quarterback like if i'm a kid growing up in tampa bay area like how do i look up to this guy and i know people make mistakes but is this mistake grabbing a woman i can't i just i can't even fathom it now and it's disgraceful but the tampa bay buccaneers organization continues to have this guy's face the franchise but think about this right in the football sense of it rodney this is a big year for jameis winston because the organization has to decide if they're going to pick up his fifth year option right at this point can we even guarantee that the tampa bay buccaneers pickup is fifth year option that i thought they picked i think they picked up the option i think they have until two thousand nineteen march at some point march they could they could basically back out of it i think he's only guaranteed for injury only for that fifth year guarantee i think they already picked up the twenty million dollar but they still back up out of it at a letter later point but to me it goes a little deeper than just money i mean the fact that in keyshawn johnson said something very very interesting he said he said this kid has a problem like he asked some mental issues because if you think about it if he continues to do the same thing and you talked about him being privileged and been able i think i think he sean is onto something maybe he has and we don't talk about mental issues in the united states i think something's wrong with him as well because you don't get it you know you have to know the difference between right and wrong especially as it as it relates to grab and touch and someone a female i mean you just can't do that dan no no and it's not normal you're absolutely right now you know i heard keyshawn johnson bring that up and i agree with him one hundred percent this is normal behavior right i mean this is this isn't something that you know people do i mean unless you're literally you have a mental issue and i think what jameis winston because there's now a pattern of this yeah i think it's definitely time to get him in front of a doctor test.

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