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Go quick arby's. We have the means spending arby's restaurants. Welcome back to the MSU alumni say sh- association crowd kickoff show, as we're wrapping things down for this segment of our pre-game presentation. One thing is we're not talking about as meant trace McSorley the quarterback. And clearly the guy that stirs the drink for Penn State. I just wanna touch on how good this guy has been a little bit to them. If you look at category at Penn State, and he still got games to go right career passing yards. He needs thirty more thirty nine more to be the all time leader there. Nobody's had more two hundred yard passing games that he has an history of Penn State football right now holds a percentage lead there. Nobody's been more efficient than them. Nobody is one needs three more wins all time winningest quarterback in terms of career rushing touchdowns. He's already got that. Record in terms of career passing your patients. He's likely said he's there on that one. In terms of cricket is responsible for he's got that number three passing games. All already a record for passing touchdowns a record. I mean, the guy is rewriting like all the records. And he's just a few. Away from the all time rushing quarterback. Techies a six best rusher. The big ten right now. I mean, he's amazing. What this young man has done. Serious problems. Trace McSorley is a very dynamic player. If you want to have a chance gets Penn State. You gotta stop number..

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Penn State, Arby, MSU discussed on StartUp Nation

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