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Dr savages back tomorrow Brian Sussman filling in here in the San Francisco Bay Area of course I have a morning show in case vote Michael's flagship station the station he put on the map back in the nineties and of course he's going strong back tomorrow savages back tomorrow in the meantime we've got a a very of it's it's a it's a caller that I have a lot of respect for without ever having known this man his daughter was shot in Gilroy so remember the shootings in order Gilroy then I'll pass so that date I should just mention the shooter in Gilroy the shooter in Gilroy is of course dad three people died in the garage shooting about it doesn't doesn't others were injured the Gilroy shooter was an equal opportunity political hater he hated people on both sides of the aisle I should also mention that the shooter in el Paso wrote a twenty three hundred word diatribe in which she said don't blame trump and then of course the shooter in Dayton had this weird crazy sick obsession with mass shootings so we're supposed to blame trump now let's bring back on the line Steve Steve again I so appreciate you calling your daughter was shot in Gilroy she was she was it was she was not killed although she was seriously wounded let me just ask you this question how is your daughter right now what is her prognosis is Steve it is unclear she used to kind of like on hook for maybe the first fifty thousand and do you use don't tell me inventories poster reimbursed but they are going to reimburse anything Antilles to your receipt and there may be like in some cases Steve solution here to multiple surgeries or right now he has a colostomy bag a lot.

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