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But it was the same fucking tracks yeah what a dumb thing now making you've got the bridge racer what the fuck are we doing where they're out on the guy say now no more places to go none of those places were real places sh i don't know that that publishers really been on upswing last few years in of namco dark souls and dragon ball fighters and mm hmm god now until the blanking what was the other big thing they put out recently no ruto yeah that's one came and now i'm totally blanking what other big game i was thinking of the lake hot had her or to room code vein my told who had something else in mind and it's total is it got eater god probably got easier and peace anyway like like the current bears i naturally do that joe does game you could see them making the right decision on an oddity ridge racer potentially maybe there is combat his comments vowed that was the that to me was these signifying thing of dislike hey the namco you remember is open for business total and then on the heels you know then now tickets back in a big way happened taken that i was it as i can seven this fucking super good you know they're doing and other small calibre like ridge racers kinda like one of the remaining things zillur some the yeah the pillars that they're known for you and i think as switch is probably a smart place for it to you as much as i i want is i would actually rather see a fucking 4 k for an insane ridge reserve them like a flight of warm the doesn't have any other driving games is probably a little low sir it has 2018 to author offering rival games that is a there's battling involved that's a different thing.

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