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This is the sip recruiter read a fresh new year has begun in if you're setting new goals for your business it's extremely difficult to reach them without the right people on your team and ziprecruiter's transform how you go about finding them that's option number one here's option numbertwo two does your business have any new year's resolutions here's an important one every business should consider make your hiring process more efficient and effective this year led ziprecruiter help no one is done a better job of transforming how you find the right talent than they have it seems to me that you can read them both sheikh check they've they done are i think there's they there's no conflict bonus now in need of great talent for you business but short on time you don't have to get lost in a huge stack a resumes to find your perfect tire you just need tools the right tools you need smarter tools ziprecruiter us tools hosts your job the best words as schools ziprecruiter post your job to over one hundred of the web leading job boards would just one click then ziprecruiter actively looks for the most qualified candidates and invite them to apply they even review every application to identify the top candidates that you never miss a great match and that's why ziprecruiter's different unlike other hiring sites ziprecruiter doesn't depend on the right candidates finding you it finds them so it's no wonder that eighty percent of employers who post on ziprecruiter get a quality candidate through the site in just one day ziprecruiter is the smartest way to hire right now but you can you can put you can find out if he won why super crude has been used by businesses of all sizes and industries to find most qualified job candidates with immediate results more importantly to me right now.

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Ziprecruiter, Eighty Percent, One Day discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show

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