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Wbz news time six thirty some sunshine now in boston fifty six degrees it is friday june 9 jeff brown wbz news thanks for getting going with us this morning and here's what were following the wbz news reacting to the james colmey testimony about anybody but someone who's the opening the president of the united states the fact is that donald trump's entering the race to become president has been a fully we check in with our wbz virtual political roundtable and the first tweet from the president did almost forty eight hours are accu weather forecast suddenly summer coming for the weekend of seventy two today eighty tomorrow night into sunday afternoon this am commute is brought to you by the new england honda dealers now get a great deal on the award winning accord president trump claiming victory this morning following acts fbi director james colmey testimony before the senate intelligence committee trump tweeting just a few minutes ago fight so many false statements in lies total and complete vindication and while colmey is a leaker not everyone seeing it that way this morning i just spoke with our wbz virtual political roundtable republican gene heart again n democrat marianne marsh humming never vindicated trump if anything he allbut indicted him colmey dictated him donald trump you are personally now under a counterintelligence investigation however that does not mean and he did not say that trump was it under a town our intelligence investigation with the entire trump campaign nor did he say that he would either personal or it part of the trump campaign under criminal gatien and that look going on here with donald trump is in a lot of trouble and he knows it so gene we we heard all of that and more yesterday but really that was what we kind of anticipated hearing where was the bombshell well i think there were a couple of bombshells uh but i that donald trump continues to be donald trump's worst enemy a and he has to stop tweeting is stop doing need improper gestures i would call upon from the white house he has to be a president and he hasn't done that yet uh as far as the bombshell.

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