Paul Ryan, Fraud, Twitter discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


Right just because paul ryan turned out to be a complete fraud doesn't mean we can't give him the send off that he deserves paul ryan is leaving us folks so let's pull out the forty forty grams of protein of course yeah just for him the way he would like just for you dory just like paul ryan's deficit someone else is going to have to clean this up we'll be right back my guest tonight is a super bowl champion and found the imagination agency and an author of the new children's book hey aj it's bedtime please welcome much tennis bennett joe man i'm excited to be here and this is this is great having you here you you legend for many people you know do many patriots fans in the building wilson many people who hates patriots with all their hearts but you know it's one of those things where i feel like you get this like people were telling me that like patriot coming on man i hit them so much and i was like he's yet you wanna you wanna tell them to his face yeah and they saw you buying a lot of people hate winters oh but you get you get that a lot of people in the streets i think they're going to say things because i'm sure people like tweet it you they saw and then when they meet you in public they just they don't have words or so many twitter thugs.

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