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Conference in the US capitol organized by the Washington Post, the focus is on defense and Morton. Just to drill down. When you think about the future talk a little bit about how you see a transforming your business of military. Our and the guy in the hotseat is general Joe it chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff in our profession one of the areas that's going to really determine future outcomes is speed of decision making. So a is certainly relevant to speed of decision-making. If you think about cyberspace, a is critical to be able to implement effective ways of protecting ourselves in cyberspace. I don't think it would be an overstatement when we talk about artificial intelligence to say that whoever has a competitive advantage in artificial intelligence and can field systems informed by artificial intelligence could very well have an overall competitive advantage. I mean, I think it may be that important. I don't think it's something we can say definitively at this point. But it certainly going to inform. Warm in be the preponderance of the of the variables that would go into. Hey, who has an overall competitive advantage? AI will be a key piece of it. Anthony Fennell here. Welcome to future tents. A group of the world's leading scientists and tech experts, including physicist, Stephen hawking, an apple co founder, Steve Wozniak have issued a stark warning in open letter published today, they say or Thomas weapons systems was use artificial intelligence to select targets without human intervention should be banned predicting that was more than three years ago. And since that time the development of autonomous weaponry has continued pace when he begin to think about what a world would look like where militaries have deployed Atanas weapons in in large numbers. One of the dramatic changes that we're likely to see is the pace of battle exceleron pull Shari's. Our first guest today as we look at the influences speed on future conflict. He's the director of technology and national security at the center for new American secure. Thirty and then one of the drivers of military's pursuing. This technology is fear that others are doing. So and they'll have to do this just to keep pace. This was well captured I'm gonna paraphrase here, but a coat from former deputy secretary defense Bob work who said others build terminators, and they don't make good decisions as people, but they're faster. How do we respond? That's kind of colorful and slightly scary way. To look at the problem, which is that even if a ton of JV don't have all of the reasoning capabilities that humans hat in a variety of different contexts, maybe they don't understand ethical principles the same way, these are vitally important things. But if they're faster that pressure will loan drive lotteries to use this technology, but could also shift warfare to new domain.

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