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These but get on my email list on my website you can also check the events page at sam harris at orgy four events once again supporters the podcast get early access to tickets at least a week but in certain cases it'll be longer than that was one of the few things i can do to give back to those of you who are supporting the podcast which as always is much appreciated and i've pick the venue for the waking up book club event undoing was steven pinker in march of next year and will announce that soon but it is a great venue and i'm looking forward to that also to those of you who find it difficult to listen to podcasts on of any of you are listening now but i hear from many people who just haven't figured out how to listen to podcasts these people don't have commutes they don't work out they don't like your buds on what the problem is but they don't listen the podcast and they're waiting for transcripts of these conversations there are few transcripts that i've published on my blog but it's actually very timeconsuming to produce transcripts because i i i will not let a raw transcript see the light of day that those are just indistinguishable from bad writing no matter how well someone speaks and it really does take a lot of time too edit the transcript copy edited and refine it in a way that adds some value but i've decided to take the time to do that and released the best of these conversations as a book on the working title there's experiments in conversation what are we doing there is i i will actually go out to the people who i include in the book and give them a chance to refine their side of the conversation this really will be an instance where that the final word on many of these topics gets had in writing so if you're interested in many the exchanges have had here i'm determined to make these conversations in written form worth reading even if you've heard the audio on which the text is based because they'll be further questions that i ask of my guests and we will taken the time to sharpen up the original exchange and issue.

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