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I can't take you for taking my call georgia your program like any year's thank you and contrast to choline i think there's a few points that need to be stated mr quake was a politician mr flake was used to sort of playing both sides in the middle in one violate he was exposed by the president in by the people who know the president i think mr flake decide to sort of takeup crowder aegis decided to go away those numbers were not good the blue route added folks correct he level i mean a little president the president is also a politician he's just not a very adept one he's been a politician since he declared for the presidency i ever to i apollo i would agree with you on that but missed the flake knew he wasn't going to be a reelected men sorted missed the corker they knew they will work rid of to sort of both of them turn around and say well you know donald trump is being you'll anis mienies nasty glee is me and the is nasty and he is core sabena who wh when you get at some of the other charges he made such as uh uh on a big nationalistic or xenophobic i don't think that either he or his followers your necessarily those things but certainly i mean when it comes to coarseness this man wrote the book on course noah's and again you take it or you leave i take it in grit my teeth with his does make me happy oh yes oh no no i think this should be more gentility about the whole aspect well at least a little civility you'll even had to be jatiya though he has spent that's it gets a good art but let's let our guest a dick helping the respect the better well i would just say to the through the cans point um yeah so jeff links politician andy might have wanted to play both hints against the middle but isn't that while politicians do uh you know it it you can have it on this side and say i'm for this and you can have it on the other side and say okay i'm could leave with that uh doesn't meagher a.

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