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Traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. It is seven forty eight the hits keep coming all over the place. Just heard from Ray on the tar traffic tip hotline Richardson, plano, northbound seventy five before the Bush turnpike. There's an accident left lane is blocked. It's slow from Campbell. And add to that the already the southbound side of seventy five right around beltline, very slow because of an accident in the HOV lane. That's keeping it heavy from Campbell as well. Coming into downtown Dallas southbound thirty five right after Oaklawn looks like there is a stall. And that's creating a backup to medical district. Plenty of slowdowns in Tarrant county to let's look at them Arlington. Southbound three sixty division looks like this could be a problem all night. We've got construction only letting the right lane get by at least a thirty minute delay from trinity boulevard, then in grand prairie going westbound on I thirty adjust past the George Bush turnpike. There's an accident taking up two left lanes. The backup is beyond the carrier bridge. Bedford westbound one eighty three at precinct line, this crash taking up two left lanes continues to slow traffic all the way back to one Twenty-one. That's a fifteen minute tie up. And in south Fort Worth southbound on thirty five W, just before you get to I twenty it is two right lanes blocked by Iraq. It you start to tap the breaks at seminary. Plus in north Fort Worth a significant delay on southbound thirty five W, you hit it at golden triangle it carries down to north Tarrant Parkway where a lane is blocked because of rolling construction. I'm John little your next report at seven fifty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen..

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