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He was a four time pro bowler with Washington. He is one of the greats in franchise history. A member of Washington football's Ring of Fame in Washington is celebrating. A week after last week and emotional win a comeback victory over the hated eagles. Joining us this morning on the show is Charles, Man, Charles. Good Morning. Good Morning name. And how you doing? I'm doing great doing great. Thanks So much for joining us always love our conversations in When we go back to last week. What did it make you feel to see? Your former team that's fallen on hard times recently summon the ability to come back against the Eagles and and do it in dramatic fashion. I'll tell you what, you know that first half didn't feel too good. It felt like the same old, you know, Washington football team. And I stuck it out with them. And, you know, started seeing some things happen. You know we we scored a touchdown off the turnover. And if you win the turnover battle, you always were goingto win. You had three turnovers to none. On the other side, you're going to win the game most often than not so. I was. I was very pleasant to see it very happy. I thought Ron Rivera did a great job. Uh, something happened at half time, and it always used to happen at halftime with us as well. Agent Gibbs coached teams Richie Pettibone, as our defence coordinator would make half time adjustments. I don't know if there was any halftime adjustments in this game. I think there was a motivational speech at halftime, which really got them going. The hope is that Iran, Rivera is able to instill a winning culture changed the culture. From what has happened Over the last couple of years. You played for two franchises where the culture was already set. You get to Washington after they'd already won a Super Bowl. And you got to San Francisco when they were in the midst of that Great dynasty. What was the common thread between the two that you saw that created the winning culture? It starts in the locker room, You know? Ah locker room had a bunch of leaders. And you have some vocal some by action are monk with a great leader, but he didn't say two words. He just showed up every day work hard. When I went to the 40 Niners, Jerry Rice didn't say anything but work hard every day. Quick story. You know, I'm one of the last people to leave out the locker room. You know what I said, and film study and And lifted weights and all the things I would do. And I was walking out of the facility in San Francisco, and it was starting to get a little dark and I look up and I see Jerry Rice job being around the The perimeter of the practice facility. I mean, and this is like 2.5 3 hours after practice when people are gone home Coach is the only ones left. You know, That's the kind of attitude did you have to have and You know, I think you know Ron Rivera's instilling in them. Look, I got you for four months. Give me everything you've got, even on you on your off days and at nighttime think football. You know, because we're in the middle of a pandemic, and all it takes is one or two guys to go out and hang out Whatever come back and infect the whole team, and you know, there goes the season. Charles Mann, a standout defensive end for Washington over the course of his career, three time Super Bowl champion, joining us this morning here on CBS Sports Radio. Speaking around, Rivera, You have a fun history with him. I'm sure from your standpoint because he was part of that 85 Bears team. And those great teams of the eighties in Chicago, and it felt like they were a machine that could not be stopped. And twice. You guys did exactly that in 86 87. You guys went to soldier field. Gotta win and knock them out of the postseason. That was again in an era where people didn't think that you could beat the 85 bears. How sweet was it to be able to do that back to back seasons? What was the secret recipe? Well, one words you know Daryl Daryl greens iconic, Um, interception return for touchdown, where he where he toward the car, the cartilage from his rib cage. He's holding his waist. What he's running and running past everybody. And then one of the games. People by not remember. I had, like three sacks against Keith Van Horn, one of their great often, Lyman Ah, and you know, it just couldn't be stopped in that game, so there were some great defensive Plays that really I really believe our defence is what won those games for us, and it was pleasant to see you know, Washington football team's defense one game for them in this past week. You know, must have been also of maybe motivational factor for you guys. You guys had a very good defense yourself. Dexter Manley, Darrell Green, just a few of the all Pro's pro bowlers. You guys really had a physical, hard hitting, swarming defense. It must have been a motivation to hear all about the 85 bears. The big bad bear is the Super Bowl shuffle bears. And then I know that you guys had a pretty good defense as well and bring your lunch buckets and get those winds at 86 87. You know, it's It's a tough guy. I mean, this used to be, and I'm not sure if it's same anymore, but back in the day it was, you know. You were a tough guy to play this game and play it injured. I mean, I look at my career, my 12 year career I've injured every season. You may not have known it, but I was injured. But I remember going into that game the the time where we beat them when they were reigning champs in Soldier Field. I remember walking out for the pre the pre game warm up. And it was bitter cold. I mean, it was bitter cold that they had trash cans out there. They're one fire that you could, you know, come up to and get some meat from I went out for pre game and I normally did not. I never in my career war sleep. Long sleep, So I went out there and Mani Coleman and I both went out. We got our gun showing on extra weight work out that way, and I go out there, man, and I'm looking at him and he looked at me and I'm like, Oh, God, There's anytime I make change up my things. And I went in the locker room We put on Vassili in on our face. We covered our ear holes on our helmets with tape and I went out in the first series. They called a timeout. Charged the Redskins with a time out, and I had to go to the fine line of white ball that battellino what I remember. It was bitter cold. You get somebody your teeth hurt. Oh, they were tough guy. We were tough guys back then..

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