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There should be the burden of proof, but I'm like in a sexual assault situation, what would your proof be? Why? Why do you come from a place of she's lying prove that proved that that what she's saying is true versus she's telling the truth and in the same breath, why? Why are you saying that I would lie about that when you just warned me not to go to anyone's place, not to go to anyone's hotel room. Yeah. Why? What do you think of your friend? What do you think of your gender? What do you think man will. Due to me. Why? When I, when I called Keith, the other damn, I think dude was following me. Why didn't he hang up? Yeah, like dude, I never. Right. When there's a hundred? Yeah. Well, yeah, and they also by the way, there's a hundred over time million God, but also there's this like, you know, do process in fair. There's this, there's this outrage over fairness, which I always find hilarious as if this world is fair. Like I'm like, that is so cute that you think this world is fair, and now that you're being threatened in some way and the there's a tiny, it's just such a self-centered reaction. Like if I found out that men everywhere getting rape constantly, and then when they tried to tell the truth, everyone black mailed them and I would be like, that's crazy. I can't believe this is happening. May my reaction wouldn't be like, well, let's have that rapist. Explain what happened. It's such an, how could it be that all these men are getting rate. It's such a horrible reality to face that. I think part of it is not wanting to face it, and part of it is okay, but how could this potentially fuck up my life? Which is such a self-centered fucking. Dickhead, unlike how can you say that to a person? That's fucking crazy to me. What about when someone admits wrong one, someone admits to wrongdoing says the interviewer normal. Donald says, the model used to be admit wrongdoing show complete contrition, and then we give you a second chance. Now it's MIT wrongdoing and you're finished. So the only way to survive is to deny deny deny. That's not healthy that there is no forgiveness. I do think that at some point it will end with a completely innocent person of prominence, sticking a gun in his head and ending it. That's my guess. I know a couple of people this has happened to. So the interviewer goes who, well, Louis and Roseanne or two people. I know resign was a gun in their face. They're so rich and Roseanne sign right and resent was so broken up that I got Louis to call her even though Roseanne was very hard on Louis before that, but she was just so broken. Just crying, constantly cheating. He masturbated on the phone restocking tour there. Louis c. k.. Data call her. I had to do anything. She was crying. There are very half only started masturbating because you gotta hang up the phone. I know I have my opinion on this as someone who's never experienced it. You know, my favorite used to be. I think we've flow down on this one about sexual harassment on this tweet like people constantly calling out and a lot of guys response would be, I would love it if that would happen to me. And I'm like, yeah, you would love it. If guys yell screamed at you while you walk in and they're like, no, women go, yeah, I would love that too. Yeah, I would love it too. I would love if I walk down the street and women said, wow, nice dress. I'd be like, okay, q women who can't kill and rape. You know what's funny about this great irony of Louis c. k. is like one of my favorite bits about what is like to be a woman in the world is Louis CK's bit, and he's talking about how men are statistically the biggest threat to women like he's historically watching it now, like makes me like, because he's so self aware, but. Trust me trot..

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