Kenneth Moton, Donald Trump, Commissioner discussed on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure


Investigative part of this so what exactly happened where do we go from here what authorities have to say we will be live with kenneth moton abc news he will join us with the investigative part of the story that comes your way at 334 on wtmj and we continue to have our athletes to watch and the winter games which start now in about a week and other athlete to watch comes your way at three forty one on wtmj president trump gives his state of the union and roger goodell was giving his state of the nfl address where is the commissioner missing the mark on his remarks greg shares his thoughts 735 tonight on sports central news after money here's brad alan with the wtmj drake associates market update us stocks rose today capping off a strong start to two thousand eighteen with the dow jones industrial average having its best monthly performance since march of two thousand sixteen the dow gained about seventy two points with boeing hitting an alltime high the sp 500 rose point zero five percent and the nasdaq composite advance point one two percent the federal reserve left interest rates unchanged but did say it expects inflation to move up this year and to stabilize around its two percent target treasury yields rose on the back of that statement the benchmark 10year yield rose to two point seven five percent before trading at two point seven two percent while the 2year yield held around two point one five percent u s economic aid has been strongly adp and moody's analytics said private companies added two hundred thirty four thousand jobs.

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