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Ten percent chance of rain this afternoon and getting call this evening with an overnight low of forty two for the weekend sunny but cool highs in the upper sixties lows in the mid fifties that's your forecast I wanted to buy the bond every morning from six to ten characters show now back to drew go Robbo live you then this the I mean if you want a way to break in and get that official message yourself done a lot to that I believe you know I know but still now now you've asked me so many times that you now have a question I'm sorry it's just so hard to believe because I said it three times to him and he said it he said yes but maybe is it weird to call Mike overrode his office from here to do that do you know his number this call Claudia yeah well yeah well not rather to land line if your if your listings come on in here so you can save us the call the I was getting the five that it was just a visual in that mode so you know those hold on let's I tweeted already yeah coming up you hi nice because Michael rose to grovel the bone one moment thank you hello as Michael row yes to grab a your hi Mike I want to call for clarification is.

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