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Wanted wanted to count gore keys leads away from i godly with the whole now the pitch any mrs outside with a cutter two and one rbi baseball two thousand eighteen all new franchise mode and much more rbi baseball eighteen available now rated e for everyone goldschmidt holding gorky there's nobody else on the right side of the infield wide open former kachin to pitch he swings through a curve that was right out over the play that was not the good biting curveball godly gets the ball back from his catcher he's shaking his head godly knows he got away with one there as not to say that that's necessarily an easy pitch to hit it still has a lot of movement to it but the designed for godly is to start that thing and have it dropped down below vizo that one was right out over the plate he throws but catches strikes out swinging on a better curveball fourth out for godly and my kitchen's not going to be real happy with that it comes branded crawford crawford who struck out swinging in the first homered against a shelby miller curve ball in yesterday's game his second home run against curb ball this year cold heart back to the game sponsored by coors light colder cleaner.

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