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The. Sport than a right now money at the Collins. The warriors improved a twenty and fourteen on the season. Just one game back of the nuggets for the top spot in the west thanks in part to big night from Klay Thompson who dropped forty three. Let's take you out west and show you the action. Nick sat warriors pick it up in the third quarter, Golden State up by thirteen Steph curry Beckham out with the ball and Kevin knocking the manual moody fall asleep, leaving Kevin looney all alone for the easy dunk. Chris Steph curry finished with fourteen assists now in the fourth quarter worries up by twenty and Klay Thompson as you mentioned was on fire. Thomson knocking down three pointer navy. It look so easy. Very next words possession, not down the long jumper. He finished his forty points twelve hundred forty point game after the game. Steve Kerr saying he's happy with were his team is at. We're having a lousy year. I think we're doing. Okay. So I'll fly down the backstretch, keeping, you know. Get some Olenin carry that new class. Now, let's get you back to I take. Steve Kerr such a likable guide. All right. So the Nixon Oakland no question to play the warriors onto wall. Frazier says he meant no disrespect to Durant when he said on Sirius XM NBA radio over the summer that Durant deserve an abstract on list of all time great players because of his success with Golden State, obviously joining that squad telling the new York Daily News, I also said he's one of the best in the world right up there with LeBron. And that he's probably going to be the best in the game. Well, the hall of fame guard felt the coverage of his comments were overblown. Steve name will Durant success with the warriors have an Astros because he joined that team with all those some people's minds. Yes, not mine. No one was harder on him than me when he selected to go to go to state, I went ballistic, and I was discussed that. I thought it was the week is we'll ever see superstar. Well, because I think that he is so great to go to a team fully loaded like that that just. Matter to me because remember you don't have to about stimulus package. You know, feel about that LeBron James and the Cavs go. No, I'm saying the warriors had just got here. But I'm just I'm still saying just being okay? Okay. See and they went and he went to the team that beat him a month later, except except you, but we're are stepped off the gas on that notion was when I saw him in the NBA finals go right at LeBron. He was clearly not there to ride anybody's coaches. He was clearly there to say this is a new era you did it to a lesser degree significantly less degree as far as I'm concerned when LeBron elected to go to Miami. But Kevin Durant, San okay, I want up to now. But it still comes down to me at you. And I'm right here. And watch me watch me bust that tail now LeBron average a triple double over thirty with a triple double. But Kevin Durant did average thirty five and eight in NBA finals with the NBA finals MVP. Here's where I think that guy's like wall cloud Frazier who I love..

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