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Fifteen dollars per hour. State representative bridget kelly. A democrat from cincinnati is asking colleagues to cosponsor bill modeled after a recently passed ballot initiative in florida. The measure calls for the current wage of eight dollars. Eighty cents an hour to be raised to ten dollars in twenty twenty two. It would then increase every year until hitting fifteen dollars and twenty twenty seven. Kelly says too many working ohioans can't make ends meet including some fulltime workers. We can't continue to bury our heads in the sand. We need to be modernizing our minimum wage creating a pathway for people and families to be able to take care of themselves and to be able to meaningfully participate in our economy to democratic state senators seasonal thomas of cincinnati. Hersal crank of colon are introducing a companion bill in the senate. Meanwhile president joe biden wants to more than double the current federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. It's been stuck at seven twenty five since two thousand nine. Mary sherman reporting. This story was produced in association with media and the public interest in funded in part by the george foundation. Does is pms. Coloradans lost jobs or income during the coronavirus pandemic may qualify for the federal earned income tax credit or iae tc when they filed their taxes kelly wagner with the group. Get ahead colorado says. It's an opportunity to get as much as sixty six hundred dollars into the pockets of struggling families. Earning fifty seven thousand dollars a year or less even before the health emergency one in four eligible families in colorado missed out on getting the federal cash. Back refund we wanna make sure that families especially during these hard economic times as a result of the pandemic that they're getting much cashback as do them and they can do that aside filing their taxes for free and claiming income tax credit child tax credit colorado matches ten percent of your total federal. It refund and a new state law extends that match to workers with individual taxpayer identification numbers. I'm eric gladys and new hampshire resonance older than sixty five and those with two or more underlying health conditions now are eligible to receive the covid nineteen vaccine it also includes caregivers of children with underlying conditions residents and staff at facilities for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities and corrections workers and staff. Nearly two hundred thousand people have registered to get the vaccine since friday. The first day people in one be were eligible to do so and sixty percent have scheduled appointments according to scott schueller the covid nineteen response. Commander for the seacoast and strafford county health network. Right now we have about seventeen thousand five hundred doses coming into the state a week And we have about three hundred thousand people who fit in the one. B category or fades for vaccine distribution shuler says the state recommends registering for an appointment at vaccines dot. Net dot gov but someone doesn't have access to a computer or is uncomfortable registering that way. They can call two one for assistance. I'm lily bulky. Vilely our eric. Ticket off tells us a treasure valley program is helping young women from refugee communities in the workforce and hopefully narrowing idaho's gender. Pay gap the starling project. From economic opportunity by janice pairs mentors with college women ages eighteen to twenty five. Who arrive in idaho as refugees. Senior project manager. Racial accidents says one of their most impactful programs is wage negotiation workshops. She knows that salary. Negotiations are cited as a major reason. Why the gender wage gap persists when winter in fact indo sheet earlier and negotiate better earlier and they get those higher wages it impacts in positive way say the rest of their career unfortunately covert nineteen likable exacerbate inequalities for women women have left the workforce greater numbers of men since the pandemic began this is by clifford public news service member listener supported heard on great radio stations across the nation and online at public news service dot. Org here is a look at weather from the off. Lands newsfeed weather center today. Expect rain freezing. Rain and sleet with an occasional snow. Mix sleet will be heavy at times high near thirty six tonight. A forty percent chance of rain before eight p. m. later becoming mostly cloudy low around thirty two mostly cloudy skies on tuesday with like wind from the northwest high thirty six. That's the latest weather. Check out more news and weather on our website to top lands. Newsfeed dot com eight one. Because i know we talked pelicans spurs this afternoon on coast to coast. Both teams had some cova issues. That game gets whacked lakers now five ninety six ninety one nuggets mavs eighty to seventy one. Denver leads dallas and at the half the celtics who destroyed the cavs last night. We talked about that before. A sixty two fifty lead over the bull so a good monday night in the nba. We have college hoops as well. Texas tech in virginia tech going on west virginia going on right now. Virginia absolutely smoked syracuse. Tonight mafioso we've got some of that to look at as well yes on the way. Obviously gotta get into all the people that forget about this sport until the nfl is over. What was that time of the year now. And it's you know. Heating up usually. It's one of the best getting the best. You know now not exactly to that point because of all the things that have been crazy with covert now the games matter more especially for some of these teams that have struggled early. Honor had games cancelled. And you know you probably not gonna get those made up. So it's becoming a lot more feisty and a lot more i think necessary to win every game you can in february than has a previous years. This is the time when you need to start locking in on college basketball wants to the nfl ends and you need to start looking at these teams starting to decide. Who are you going to back when we get to march now is when you open the door and you start to do that. Ferrall on the bench of monday night. Mike kaga brian siano. We are with you for the next. Two hours will get things with the nfl and championship. Sunday in the books carver. High and mafia. 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