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As an independent one or two point seven kiss. Fm shaquille o'neal is joining us here. It just makes you feel good shack. Good morning how you doing buddy. I want to apologize about the sound quality among my apartment in morris. What's it like. I've always wanted to go. What's it like talk about. have a confidentiality with. Hey so we were just talking about you coming on patty whom you see on your screen and some of your family. I believe you share a piano teacher. So are you taking piano lessons shack or is it the kids. I started taking piano lessons. But my fingers are duck. Webbie's like a move this hand in this so it just didn't work out but i mean you know the kids are taking panelists. And how are they doing. No idea all i wanted to get your take on. I think we just acquired russell westbrook for the lakers. They're talking about this starting lineup. What's your view on the lakers lineup. This year shack very impressive. A lot of people like to comment on their age in my rebuttal is when you show me a young team. Twenty twenty one twenty three dominating the league and win a championship in competition. You got a bunch of old guys with people seem to forget how great they are and you know for guys like us without at Shine remote so if they stay healthy i would like to see them versus. The brooklyn nets the violence. What do you enjoy the most about post mba life for you. Just enjoy making people's days better. That's why we're doing this. I know to help our underserved underprivileged children. But i met with. My favorite person was name having to be dr lucille news. Mother she put a hand on my baby. I'm so proud of either. Done everything now need you to do me. A favor. brighten up people's day last year when the pandemic it really hurt. My heart was forty million. American people lost their job and that that kind of hurt me is like riding around and you see homeless. People sit outside of that every bar. So i'm making a point to discharge brighten up people's day shaquille o'neal de event benefits that foundation that shaquille o'neal foundation. You were just speaking of which does a lot of work over the course of the year but this is sort of a big tent pole event. It's called the event it's a gala and you've got i mean this is vegas it's mgm right a grand garden arena. You've got kelly clarkson and snoop justin bieber and imagine dragons. What will the night be like shaquille. Well the my we're going to open up down from a measure dragging his band. They're going they're going to have fun and then we're gonna do auction. These snowed the kelly clarkson it'd be allah today. We're just going to raise money for under us and my foundation on benefit to to great organizations communities in schools and the boys and girls club. When i was coming up the boys and girls club was a safe haven for me. Vans couldn't afford money for gas. I would go there. And at the boys and girls club i was able to create the character that the world knows shack was really good at academics. Gonna roll in. The study was really good basketball with the court. A basketball and always be a rapper musicians. Music room playing drums makeup. Perhaps doing steps up all the stuff that you see now was formed cultivated in boy scouts on clinton in avon in newark new jersey. Shaquille o'neal with us. Now he is an undisclosed location. Somewhere says it's mars but it looks a lot more normal than mars to me. Hey it's always great to see you. There is something that for people who have watched you over the years. Been your fan people who have seen on the streets to say hello. People have seen you in person you do. Have you have something about you. That makes people feel good and you have a very big generous heart. And i think we all need that. Thanks for what. You're doing my friend you much. The event benefiting the shaquille o'neal foundation october second the mgm garden arena. In las vegas secrets on sale. Now at a x dot com. And do you know what my highlight of. The event is going to be. Tell me doing this song here. Love this person since it. I love it. I said hi thanks to kill. Since you've been gone. I forgot to play that next back in one minute to pay for your vacation on kiss..

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