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Wrestling. Show a great takeover. You haven't watched it. You should take the time to see if you appreciate wrestling regardless of the company. This is one of the and it's one again. Look here's the thing. It's another show where you go match-by-match and you're like what the bill doesn't matter because we're getting great matches who this duality this. This problem that i've been experiencing in regards to pay per views versus the bills. It's weird because you didn't need the builds to appreciate the any of these matches. And i think that's a hallmark of a very good very successful pay per view. I really do aaron. Entertainment left a super chat. Why aaron much glasses. he says. The skull was calling for her fly. Ill fly a sentence. Skulls this quick preview some some quick predictions for night to tonight. There's going to be some good stuff here. Folks folks folks. Let me know when the chat who you think is going to win as i walk these down here on the pre show brizan going to be taking on kilian. Dana drake maverick. Whatever but i mean look it depends where we wanna go with this. I think it would make sense for brazil. Go to be rebuilt as a a first defense for msk. Give resemble the win here. I think that's I think that's cool Then we are going to have ember moonshot shotsie blackheart the t Women's tag team champions defeating against the way. Kansas lorraine andy hartwell I i am stoked for the day that they decide to put any kind of funding gold around the waist of tennis. Laurey because you know we stand for tensely here at we're in a haze h. q. But i mean look at what how they dealt with the the tag team champions on the first night that they're presented their lost I wouldn't make sense for ember. Moonshot see to lose and quite frankly there are compelling tag team. I think i think they work. As do i think the great Get the straps on shots number and my heart. Warm thoughts to shot sees shots. Black hearts a stepdad who who was Suffering from a severe medical condition..

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