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Three seven seven six. That's how you get in on a little bit of fun. Let's take a couple of them before we get to the next segment. Jamie in Georgia. What do you got as the best superstar head coach Combo and sports right now? I think they're really underrated. I mean you can go with your any reads Pat Mahomes Curry's incurs but I really like what Freddie Freeman and Brian Snicker do for the braves. They have gone to bat for each other within the organization. And I think that's really gonNA take them a long way. Wants everything really clicks. I mean that's a good call at least i. I don't know that I would say the best. Let's say this way. That's a combo. That's growing and gaining some momentum. I'll say it that way. I can't say that it's the best right now but I will say that. I think they're gaining some momentum west in Vegas who what you have is the best superstar head coach Colin Sports Right. Now I would have to say John Jones and his training camp of Greg Jackson and winkled John Those guys dominated. Mma light heavyweight division for a decade. Yeah that's a good call. You know. I'll be the first to admit that when we came into the conversation I was thinking so team oriented now. We've had a couple of twitter responses that have been either. You have your tennis related and it does sort of make me wonder if maybe I've missed the force for the trees on that one. I liked that call a lot. Triple eight say. Espn eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six is how you get in on it. The best head coach Combo in sports right now. We'll take one more go bill in San Antonio Bill. What do you got well? I didn't know you're talking about right now. And I tuned in but I say Gregg Popovich and Tim. Dobkin was one of the best of all time now. Bill I look we. We are talking right now. I'm GonNa let you. I'll let you cheat a little bit on that one. I love that Combo and I love the consistency in easy to root for Blah Blah Blah Blah. But if we're going to go into all time combos can we really put that above Michael and Phil Jackson? I mean I love pop. Everybody lives sloppy. Not say anything bad about how I get it but I'm not going to put that on the same level and then if we go all the way in the back of history even further for the NBA then Pat Riley. With those Lakers Pat Riley Magic Johnson. On I mean we open this up to all time who this one gets gets incredibly clouded. Keep them coming. The best superstar head coach Combo in sports. Right now triple eight say. Espn eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six part of the inspiration for this conversation was the conversation they had today. Debate the head today. I'm I take as Damien woody join Maxon. Stephen A. to talk about which Combo they have more faith in this year. Which duo gets them more excited going into this year is it Arians and Brady down in Tampa or is Bill Belichick and Jarret Stidham? The new Combo extraordinaire in New England. Check it out well. I'm GONNA go coach..

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