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Thirty three dollars of krona's those half Donut half croissant sensations takeover about six bucks. A piece just dreaming out loud. If you will. And South Carolina, is is it's very possible that somebody from the state didn't actually win it because it could have been somebody traveling through. I have a few friends in South Carolina. I in this morning. I called them say hazy union, they were laughing at us. Now, South Carolina's one of my belief, fourteen states if I'm not mistaken that doesn't require you to come identify yourself. So it's very possible. We'll never know who this person is. However, I'm guessing that usually in a situation like this depending on who it is a neighbor a close friend may let it slip out because of the possibility of getting their face on television, saying, hey, you know, all of a sudden my next door neighbor's got these pallets of big screen TV's coming or whatever just something that's expensive. Or all of a sudden somebody who's driving an old car has a brand new body a million dollar car in the driveway. You know, something like that very possible that somebody else will give them up. I gotta tell you. If it wasn't this. And I don't know about you eight seven seven eight fifty eighty five eighty five tell me eight seven seven eight fifty eighty five eighty five if you one would you want people to know that one? People in my past life that. I would definitely like especially some girlfriends. I would definitely want them to those me too bad you missed out, you know, that kind of thing. But what would you do IPE seven seven eight hundred eighty five eighty five and again in South Carolina. You don't have to come forward. So it's one of those states Florida you have to come forward. But if you do it as a one of these trusts than the trust somebody in the trust has to come forward. I think but not the actual person. That works. But this is this is truly amazing. If you think about it, and I said yesterday I had a conversation with one of my bosses yesterday. I guarantee is going to be one winner. He said now to be two or three that's going to be one. And I hate when I'm writing something like this would have much rather preferred that somebody here in south Florida was the big winner and still could means very possible. Because as I said a lot of people if you're driving from New York driving down ninety five you stop at south of the border anybody lottery tickets. So it's very possible. It's only been a few hours. So somebody I said this yesterday on his talking to Garrett it's very possible. And I hope this isn't true. But if you're sitting if you wanted these people that sits there with the tickets, and you're watching the numbers are drawn and you've got one two three four and he ended up with mega ball too. I mean, you have a heart attack. Kantor pass out which is a scary thought. But you know, it's happened before to there's a guy in California won the lottery, but fifteen years ago, and then happened to his wife, she was crossing the numbers and all of a sudden she was on the floor. Luckily, they she just fainted. She didn't have any kind of, you know, heart attack or anything. But that's pretty scary. All of a sudden that come into this kind of money. But the thing that bothers me more than anything. Is that how did it not go higher than one point six billion dollars? How is that even possible? And by the way, now, it's a mere forty million dollars. It's not nothing. You know? Stuff like one point six billion. But think about this for a minute to things that are very stranger. It didn't go up from one point six billion on draw. And then dropped the forty million. For the next wrong. Which would be Friday. So they had to make a lot of money because it went to one point six on Friday. Right after the drawing Saturday Sunday Monday and all day Tuesday. It should have gone up significantly for the draw. But it didn't. So what happened to all that extra money? And then when you have such a big drawing, and you have a winner there should be a lot of money leftover where the next rung should be more than the standard forty million. Something's not kosher him telling you. And I can't be the only one that's looking at this. Because it just it just doesn't seem right. There's something that it just doesn't make sense. The national guard has about twenty one hundred unarmed troops working with the US Mexico border. As a caravan of thousands of migrants approach from Central America. Why are they unharmed? Why do we have troops that are unarmed anywhere? The president has called the caravan an assault on our country promising to send as many additional troops necessary to the border to stop them hour on armed soldiers going to stop seven ten fifteen thousand people whatever it is. The twenty one hundred guard force already dispatched to the border were sent by four states, Texas, California, New Mexico now is with Texas. They're supplied about thousand Trump can send more troops, including on ones as caravan gets closer. I I don't know about you. But I wouldn't want to be a soldier or police officer and not be armed. I mean, you're asking for trouble. I realized that the correction officers imprisoned on armed, but you got to be pretty tough to be a prison guard. And President Trump claimed that there are a number of criminals traveling in the legal caravan, which is now approaching fifteen thousand depending on where you get your information from his critic pound saying, there's no evidence, but President Trump urge reporters to take the cameras and do some digging turns out the president was right? That illegal alien camera told reporters yesterday criminals here as a criminals everywhere. But then it's mostly good people trying to get through also. The department of homeland security. Confirms gang members and other dangerous criminals are in fact, embedded in the migrant caravan traveling to the US. So I mean, this is the kind of thing that we've been worried about since the beginning. So how can we not enforce our border and not let these people through? I mean stopping the caravan is not just about national security of preventing crime. It's also about national. The rule of law. If you will. And those who seek to come to America must do. So the right and legal way. That's the way it's always been done. But the citizens of countries outside Central America, including countries in the Middle, East Africa, South Asia and elsewhere are currently travel traveling through Mexico headed right towards the US border. Where does this stuff? Stop. Coming up next one tell you about a substitute teacher who brought a gun onto campus. And yes, you got arrested that more coming up next. You're listening to the rich Steven show. 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