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As the kind of Fan I am. I don't WanNa say that all fans are like me but it's the kind of Fan I am. I would rather have zero public appearances from the players. Zero interesting social media engagement from the players Zero Radio Interviews Television appearances or anything like bat and fifty wins a year and Stanley Cup. Banner in the wrath. I would too. Yeah I'm out with you. Yeah I think that's I think I think that is the influence the todd McClellan is going to bring and my only concern is that it seems like it had to becoming like that it wouldn't come from management that it that management had to hire a coach to sort of do it for them at least that's my perspective. I I don't know that's my only concern because ultimately todd McLellan won't be head coach. Any right that's just the nature of the brand. Yeah yeah so what Hap- so then when McClellan leaves if he takes his locus of control with him then we're just back to where we were last. We're back to Willie Jordan. Well who knows I mean I don't think Stevens was much better than Zardan. Frankly I mean I get it the numbers against me on this one right. The players didn't like Jordan fans didn't like Jordan. Everybody from Vancouver doesn't like discharge and I get it right like at some point. The consensus is against me. I still say we don't know what he was hired to do right. We don't know what he was told right. He came in. He came on board a sinking ship. And then everybody started throwing sieff at him because he couldn't stop and they may have just told him get us through the year would she did right. We're not going to give you a whole lot to work. Yeah you kind of handcuffed nothing. I would argue here. Here's Carl Haglund. Glenn goes sick. Just coach. The here's Nikita. Sure back and Brendan Leipzig Spin Gold. Willie like all right. Sure make it work. Maybe anyway. Let's do the play of the game and the player the player of the play of the game. The ALEXAI follow Power play goal. You Agree Yeah Not Synonymous Dan Player of the game has to be from the king's no remember this. I mean remember. I've said that when we started doing player the game can be whoever you want. A member of the ice crew could be a member of the media. Could Be Bailey could be you know daily. Had A good game check be Cotton Candy Guy. I can't candy guy was fantastic tonight. John Candy no he was killing it all right. Dj Vic one. Oh it's an open his boom. Oh you know who. I'm going to say the player. It was the rule due to rule. Did our wars Hashtag did. His job did more than his job. Dida rule brings it every night player of the game. Oh still say it's Alexai fall. I like Romagnoli so you thought he had a good game. I thought Brennan Smith Play Your game for them. A thought Name escapes me. Right now Those two guys really stood out for me for Nashville and and Perini was pretty good. Although he wasn't tested on I'll still say it's Alex Life Goals from the right point shots on goal so look the team has a couple more games on this homestand. We got what Columbus Monday. Dallas Wednesday is yeah Columbus Monday Alison Thirty Monday seven wins and then Vegas Thursday back to back in Vegas up and then Carolina on the road and I don't know what games in January okay I think. We've it's four four. Yeah not a lot acres hardcourts you get the All star break in there. Yeah and although we'll have two more opportunities entities to pump this the all star game the Ahl Surrogate yes in Ontario Ontario Yours. Truly we'll be calling and I will be sitting there watching it. Damn right right I mean I think I love going. Come the skills competition. I don't know you should I want to should. Here's the thing is having this conversation with two different people tonight about the All Star game the NHL. Balser got to Redo that whole thing. By the way I feel compelled to watch it. 'cause they got to Redo that whole thing. I agree and I'm going going to be a curmudgeonly old man here but I don't think I'm wrong. There's some times where I turned into like a crank and I have this probably just me I actually. I think I'm right on this one. Sports sports are dumb right. That's fine but one of the really nice these things about sports that sets it apart from TV shows or pop music or starbucks or any other thing that you experience on a regular basis in your life is ritual right. Everybody like my dad and I would go to the game for twenty twenty something years and we had a routine right park and basically the same spot he would wear shorts. I would wear a jacket with pockets. Doc It's so I'd have to put his coke in my pocket because he doesn't like the coke that they sell at the arena. Keys would go here at a data. Today we sat in the same spots we need the same thing team wore the same jersey. Chrissy David blanking on David's name. Courtney David Courtney on the Bob Miller calling the game Nixon on the radio you know. Oh Dita rule eternally on the Oregon you know for the last seven years Pizza Scotto singing the national anthem. Like ritual J. flats working the crowd absolutely right ritual somewhere in the late ninety s and I confessed that this makes me sound like an old man because I'm basically saying everything was cool when I was a teenager as soon as I started to get started to suck but at some point early in Gary Bettman's tenure as commissioner and. This is why he gets booed like people who don't understand why Gary Bettman gets booed this mcdonagh explain the joke to you and he's in on it and I appreciate Gary. Bettman came in and realized that the only people who cared about his sport were a few million people in Canada and a few million people from Minnesota and a few million people Who had moved from Canada throughout the country and so they had to start making changes to grow the game and I'm glad for a lot of them but one of the ones I really never liked was was changing the All Star game and one of the reasons I like the All Star game in one of the reasons as dumb as the All Star game is is boring as the All Star game always always will be one of the Nice things about the All Star game is in the early nineties and before the eighties? Whatever you would have one game a year where you'd go? Oh my gosh what if Wayne Gretzky and Brett Hull played on the same team. What if Team USA Lonnie Paul Korea were on the same line? and Had ED AL macinnis as their defenseman and it and you got one game three periods twenty minutes where nobody played any defense and you could just imagine these great great players playing together and then somebody decided on. This is boring. Nobody likes so. Let's make it cool. Let's fix it and they got rid of that and all of a sudden it was. USA versus the world which appeals to an American audience. Because I'm sorry I'm going to insult a bunch of people listening right now at sorry. This is a hundred percent. The bias of being born in Canada and raised by a candidate centric person American media and commercial interests have a way of stripping the things that make something unique away away and just turning it into a mass produced simplistic dumb version of itself and North North America versus. The world is just what's even are you talking about all of a sudden you had an all star game where it was like. What if Yaroslava modry? He was on the Blue Line A lot. And listen I like ours love mode Works for the Kings. I get fired for Santa's but you're motoring made the All Star game all of a sudden where it used to be like. Okay Okay One guy from every team because now we have so many teams and then it became like now North America versus the world. And you have a team. That's not very good. We have to send one guy and so that's your guy you're just like all right so now it's a one nothing game and there's a bunch of guys that just aren't all stars stars because every team has to have one guy and it's not like it's and twenty thirty years of cool jerseys perdition ritual all of a sudden or and imagination waken in and that's again the imagination went out the window and then of course. Predictably it's boring. Nobody cares because you can't fix something that was that is broken in its concept so they change it they change it to. They put in the draft. which for the first year or two is great? It's great fun. Oh look who's GonNa pay but after two or three years the the novelty wears off and now you're just sitting around waiting for call me. And then they bring in the three on three and the first year it was like okay right. Just go back to having two teams play a boring three period game. Let us pretend. I'll wouldn't it. Be Great if Taylor Hall played on a line with Phil Castle and then the trade happens you know like now and guess what. It's going to be boring hiring you can't you can't fix it. All Star Games are exhibitions exhibitions or both the pro bowl is boring yeah the NBA. All Star game is Major League Baseball. All Star game is boring. I mean home field advantage in the world series. Who Cares essentially right? Yeah I agree I just think there has to be. It's Scott. It's gone way off where it should end these things with the the skills competition and guys having a flip pucks up through different like they. They never do that in a game. Now you're asking them to do that here. I remember jude out trying to shoot pucks over the over. The Oh we'll he doesn't do that. That's not his thing but he asked him to put you ask them to throw sauce on stick from halfway across the ice. He'll do it every time but you ask them to do that. An All star game with like like it's not. It's not their thing. Yeah so I think they have to go back to square one and reinvent what they tried to reinvent. And just be fine again this Michael Messier. Just be fine with what it is right. It's further sponsors an exhibition and it's for the fans of whatever that's city is yeah and.

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