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When guys like blaine hardy and matt boyd and mike fires are starting and i think they're a clear fade candidate when it comes to going away from america park sharon white sox are minus six base runs so they should be a little bit better than they are here so far this season there are thirty three and sixty two but by base runs their suggested to be at thirty nine and fifty six other not doing a whole lot offensively and they've gotten very unlucky from a pitching standpoint part of to defect their bullpen just not very good five point three seven runs allowed per game per base runs they should be five point zero one which would shave off forty four runs off of their run differential so that's why they're minus six and base runs minus two the factory and win loss but they're tied for the lowest number of wins against teams five hundred or better they're twelve and thirty one in that split so maybe as prospects cirque coming up or something like that they could get a little bit better in the second half here they are an outlier from a base run standpoint but still i don't think there's a whole lot to be invested with them in the second half but of course we'll have to see what that win total wine looks like when it does come out kim kansas city royals dropped eight of ten sixteen of twenty and twenty five of thirty here they are clearly the worst team in baseball they've been outscored by over two runs per game their twelve and forty two against teams five hundred or better they are awful it will continue to be awful they will lose one of their better hitters mike stock s they've already lost one of their better relievers and kelvin herrera they are a bad bad bad bad bad baseball team and they may even trade whitmire afield because there are so many suitors that won't go get manny machado they're horrible they will continue to be horrible there will be no value in playing they're adjusted wins under i don't think but once again have to see where that number comes out or houston astros here this is a stupid good baseball team sixty four and thirty five but pathetic when losses them at seventy and twenty nine base runs as them at sixty seven and thirty two there is some offense of regression for them based on their base runs numbers but this is just such a good baseball team there's completely stacked there are no weaknesses for them they're only promise it can't hit elite right handed pitching they're not going to see a whole lot of that in the second half when they're playing a lot of these division games they've already played new york they've already played cleveland houston we'll continue to keep this train running i think the problem for them with an adjusted win total is when did they take their foot off the gas do they slow this thing down in september trying to get themselves position for the play offs i don't know because you're talking about it very significant workload last year going all the way to the world series and winning it that's a lot of innings on your pitching staff a lot of plate appearances on your offense you know will they back it off a little bit when they step off the gas i don't know but right now they look like a little bit of an underachiever because they're just statistically so much better than so many other teams that are out there this seattle mariners here's your big outlier they are plus ten in pathetically and win loss there plus eight in base runs they are a significant regression candidate here.

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