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We Watch that game in your basement together yeah. I think that was a year. The Eagles didn't make the playoffs playoffs in the Ravens did and then we watch like the ravens game or something there but I remember being in your basement for that game and then the infamous when he went to the Super Bowl too. I'm just here so I won't get fined like marshawn. Lynch is an absolute go. He was obese on the field. Also oh so marshawn Lynch. We're GONNA miss you. Feel free to come back with your anteks. Actually you know what we should replace Jason Witten on Monday night football with marshawn Lynch. Oh my God that would be legendary. Bush game play of his career is not getting the ball on the goalline actually yeah but like out of all the beasts quake against the saints in the was unbelievable. The the final thing is well two things one lynch in comparison to like career milestones statistics. You have like D. Wade two time N._B._A.. Finals champion or three time Champ Finals M._v._p.. Dirk Finals M._v._p.. Each route like the most hits for whatever gronk one of the greatest titans ever lynch like a very good running back but Lynch 'cause you know how they feel about drafting running backs high. I said the giants even though saquon generational talent town they shouldn't take him 'cause you can't do anything with the star running back. He is my warn guy. I always pull out the stat in the past decade. There's only been one team that a top five running back to win the Super Bowl and that is lynched the year they what it so. It couldn't go to call you out in front of a Real Sports Fan Marshall Richmond twelve are shown Lynch went twelfth all right sorry top-five running back by stats all. I thought your nurse Semi my point. Is that like you actually don't need like running back by committee works just as well. The Patriots won like five doing the eagles same deal with your your boy la- Garrett <unk> J. Jaggi in court <unk> touchdown he was he was undrafted. Rookie point is don't draft Ernie Max Hi that wraps up the real sports awards. Thank you guys for listening definitely go check out our pod add on instagram. We'll have some fun fun debates and we want to hear your opinion so we're really yeah get creative with these responses. I WanNa have some good banter before we head into our special first time interview Joe Schwarz just a special mansion to Harry's Harry's is great great for shaving. They have unbelievable trials for you. Guys Terry's DOT COM backslash blue. Just check it out like honestly I started shaving last year I tried Harry's pretty legit Scott Oven and and blue wire are has some nice stuff so they have good deals so check out Harrys Dot Com backslash blue now. Let's get to the interview now. Introducing the unreal sports podcast first career guests a six three shooting guard from the University of Texas Joe Schwarz Gel the real sports fan the Oggi's are they know you best because as I highlighted your stored senior season <hes> when we started the real sports page but let's let's. Let's teach the people a little about Joe so in your career you appeared in eight games you.

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