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How we treat people. 11 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS to rich hunter in the traffic center. All right, newest issue to 70 North, found just after Germantown Road Exit 15 crash occurred one vehicle on the left shoulder. One thing calling the rightful unfortunately one on the right shoulder caught fire. They do have response on scene. Sounds like the fire has been extinguished. But they may have at least the right lane, possibly a left lane blocked as well. She may be squeezing by in the center of the roadway there. To use caution, and that's in addition to the work zone I should north of on to 70 past clop Road headed up toward Watkins Mill Road where you're getting by two lanes to write his also works and north of the vehicle fire as you had North found passed through 1 21 single file right as yet up toward route 109 single file right past the works and then up in Frederick, where they're doing the shift onto a new bridge later on tonight. Tomorrow morning. I should say to 70 nearer 85 Bucky's Tom Piper now getting by the works in single file. Two left now over and Capitol Heights. ACS Investigation. Work continues. Eastbound Central Avenue remains closed between Ritchie Road in Hampton Park Boulevard as a result of the investigation following a pedestrian involved crash. 95 North found the exit. It takes you 2 to 12 exit 29 that remains blocked as a result of a crash with response on scene there as well on the adult movies about ways you head south of River Road across the American major bridge, beginning by the work sound by staying at least two lanes, toe left past that works and protect him from the invisible destroyed. Termites Go home, Paramount passed control for a free inspection. 888888 home home. Paramount dot com. Rich Hunter wghp traffic to Mike's tent offered we G O. The threat for severe weather has now come to an end. Still a risk of a shower, maybe a rumble of thunder until midnight. As a weak cold front comes to behind that front. Overnight. Skies will clear will turn last. McGee and overnight lows.

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