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The flag there really wasn't of consequence to the play but the ravens feels that they have a golden opportunity here at first and second down they go backwards and credit also john the pat o'donnell for that poet i mean that was absolute rocket off his leg that flip the field watson tied in motion handoff alex college has a cap on video right shoulder hard by cayo fuller he's been electric today at dropped at around the twenty nine yard line so after the ravens enjoyed of their secondbest starting fetal position of the day it's going to be a third in law i think if i was a running back i would have dread locks it just looks awesome when they run mi like it just looks also when they're running and the dreadlocks grown up without looked awesome because if you a little probowl there i guess theoretically they could try to grab added but doesn't happen very often as a folically challenged man i'm jealous of all ravens one of ten of third down its third in ten from the thirty tight in motion biwott suit 320 clock wolves thirdquarter ravens down a touchdown flaco long hard cadence play clock at wadi just gets the sample backside pressure picked up he fires to watson nearby takes the catch outside the other 28 gets chipped article thirty three knocked down by kyle fuller man he is free physical today off the matching up with a tight end short years worn impressive young corner kyle fuller both in coverage and it run support or even making a tackle like that but he is not afraid is accorded you chuck but buddy ben watson luggage trees only one hundred ninety pound is coveted hot in a gain of only three their here's the snap to sleep cook right foot putt lear to re colin jackson.

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